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Trux Launches Game-Changing SaaS Platform to Fill Void in Construction Industry

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 8, 2021 -  Trux™, the heavy construction logistics platform known for powerful and workable technology, today announced its new solution, along with a rebrand, to better serve the construction market. Trux offers a straightforward, powerful, and reliable logistics platform that makes light work of the heaviest logistics. Expanding their service offerings provided an ideal moment to ensure the Trux brand reflects its commitment to serving the industry. Alongside their new offerings, Trux introduces a new identity, logo, and website. Trux is the only heavy construction logistics platform that connects trucking companies, contractors, brokers, and material producers to the nation’s largest dump truck marketplace.

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Trux launched its subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering amid a growing need for flexible, reliable logistics management in the construction industry, which has been largely left behind in the digital transformation. As one of the first companies providing a full SaaS offering for drivers and fleet managers at every stage of the trucking process, Trux is well-poised to serve the market as a technology leader and bring the industry into the 21st century.

“This is a huge milestone for us. With this product launch and rebranding effort, we wanted to connect more with our users and create a brand that felt inclusive for all the types of customers we serve today and allows us to expand in the future,” said Bart Ronan, CEO of Trux. “We’ve updated our easy-to-use platform to take into account the ways that professionals operate in the field, in the office, and behind the wheel. Our customers do not work in a silo and our platform allows them to perform their work while staying connected with their partners increasing accountability and visibility into operations.”

Trux’s one-of-a-kind technology streamlines planning, scheduling, driver communication, and back-office processes giving users the control, visibility, and efficiency to dispatch faster, keep projects running on time and on budget, and grow their businesses with real-time data and analytics. Trux can now help customers manage their existing business relationships more efficiently and find additional trucking options through its full suite of product offerings:

  • Find – Find more work and get instant access to additional haulers when needed using the nation’s largest dump truck marketplace.
  • Manage – Manage all of your trucks and work on a single platform from anywhere, anytime.
  • Deliver – Make material delivery a differentiator with more predictable hauling, better insights, and last-mile visibility.
  • Pay – Increase cash flow and back-office efficiency with e-Invoicing and payment services.
  • Drive – Search and claim available loads, track earnings in real-time, and get paid faster.

Each of these offerings sets the stage for increased efficiency and visibility, reduced costs, and better relationship management between material producers, construction companies, and the haulers they use.

Working with key customers such as Vulcan Materials, Dunn Construction, Harness, Pavecon, and U.S. Pavement, Trux has helped more than 28,000 users efficiently haul more than 3.5M loads to date. According to Ashly Bollman, a Dispatcher with 3531 Trucking Inc., "We manage hundreds of dump trucks per month and being able to manage them all on a single platform has really helped us streamline operations, save time, and cut down on the piles of paper. Communicating changes or specific details about a job can be done with just a few clicks - instead of having to spend hours on the phone or filtering through group text messages." 

Visit Trux’s new website to learn more about how their powerful and workable technology is transforming the heavy construction industry.

About TRUX

Trux is the heavy construction logistics platform known for powerful and workable technology. The cloud-based software connects contractors and material producers with the nation’s largest network of technology-enabled haulers. Trux users realize significant gains in the profitability of their logistics services through more efficient operations, better customer experience, and improved visibility into operations.