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Our all-in-one fleet management system makes it easy to dispatch, track, and manage your employed and subcontracted 3rd party trucks.

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Schedule and dispatch faster, eliminate paper tickets and timesheets and cut down on distractions with a powerful solution built for your entire fleet.


Loads Delivered


Verified Haulers


Miles Tracked

Create and Manage All Your Work

  • Create and manage daily schedules for your own drivers and the hired haulers you work with regularly

  • Receive assignment confirmation and punch-in notifications

  • Communicate job-specific instructions and changes in real-time through the Trux Drive app



Electronically Dispatch your haulers

  • Efficiently assign work to internal/employed and regular third party haulers

  • Monitor assignment status as haulers accept, punch-in, and punch-out of each job

  • Instantly message individual or multiple scheduled and active haulers

  • Reorder shifts and reassign haulers as things change in the field



Real-Time and Historical GPS Tracking

  • See where all of your active haulers are, relative to the job site

  • See full, time-stamped hauler route history for completed jobs

  • See where and when haulers punched in, punched out, and all geofence arrival/departure points



Digital Load Slips and Ticket Data

  • Access load slips digitally throughout the day as loads are completed

  • Manage the gap between AR and AP

  • Export all shift data for easy reconciliation

  • Track costs digitally and in real-time

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"Our team is solution and results-driven, Trux is the solution that works best for our business.”
John Carney
"Being able to bring dump trucks to a project, even from outside of our local market, is a huge win for us.”
Evan Elliott
Vice President
"Trux is so easy to work with. There's nothing crazy about it. Everything is right there in front of you, so it was easy to just take it and run with it."
Ashly Bollman

Looking for help with your dump truck logistics?

Improve scheduling, hauler tracking, and gain confidence in hauler earnings with Trux.