All-in-One Dispatch Management Platform

Save time and money with simple tracking and management of your fleet

Get the control, visibility, and efficiency you need to dispatch faster, keep projects running on time and on budget, and scale your business.


Loads Delivered


Approved Drivers


In Logistics Spend


Create and Manage Shifts

  • Create shifts for your projects days and weeks in advance
  • Communicate job-specific instructions to haulers
  • Select one or more truck types for each job
  • Select pay rates by the Hour, Ton, or Load

Real-Time GPS Tracking



Drag & Drop Dispatching

  • Assign work to internal haulers and 3rd party Favorites with easy, drag-and-drop dispatching
  • Monitor shift status as haulers are dispatched
  • Instantly message individual or multiple scheduled and active haulers
  • Reorder shifts and reassign haulers with the click of a button



Real-Time GPS Tracking

  • See where all of your active haulers are relative to the job site
  • See full, time-stamped hauler route history for completed jobs
  • See where and when haulers punched in, punched out, and all geofence arrival/departure points

Real-Time GPS Tracking



Digital Ticket Access

  • Access all loads slips as work is completed throughout the day
  • Eliminate the need for collecting and batching paper tickets at the end of the day
  • Download load slips to include with invoices
  • Export all of your completed shift data to use when invoicing customers and paying haulers
Digital Ticket Access



"Because we use TRUX, I know that I'll be able to meet our customers’ demands and I don't necessarily need to know how many trucks are available to me at that moment."
Mike Gagne
"With a quick phone call and a two second process with TRUX, we added an additional $4,000 to our bottomline in a single day on a job we wouldn't have done before."
Mark Peach
Vice President
"TRUX has been most helpful to us in the dispatching fleets of trucks. With one single stroke of the keyboard, we can request and receive a sufficient number of trucking for our projects."
Chris Lynch

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