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Trux Security

Your data is well-protected

Trux Platform security features are designed to ensure data privacy, integrity, and availability by safeguarding against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats. In addition, our security posture is enhanced by safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage customer data. This multi-layered approach provides a strong foundation for hosting a secure and reliable SaaS application using industry-standard practices for security and compliance.



Trux demonstrates we are meeting the security commitments we have made to our customers through meeting the requirements necessary to achieve SOC II compliance.



Trux has implemented appropriate security safeguards designed to protect information in accordance with industry standards and takes reasonable measures to secure personally identifiable information.



Application and network firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your data and system. Trux monitors the operational health of our applications, optimizes resource utilization, and responds to system-wide performance changes.



All sensitive data that is stored in and transmitted to/from the Trux Platform is encrypted to ensure your data is protected from potential breaches.

Access to customer data is restricted, and each customer’s data is isolated from and invisible to others outside of their organization.



Outages, though rare, can happen in technology. That’s why Trux has established a rapid recovery program to provide our customers with the highest service level possible that is focused on minimizing downtime (RTO) and preventing data loss (RPO).


Trux Trust Center

Self-service access to documentation of our compliance with global standards including certifications, attestations, and audit reports.