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Trux Case Studies


See and hear how material producers, contractors, and dump truck operators are partnering with Trux to achieve new levels of success in their business.

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"Because we use Trux, I know that I'll be able to meet our customers’ demands and I don't necessarily need to know how many trucks are available to me at that moment."
Mike Gagne
"With a quick phone call and a two second process with Trux, we added an additional $4,000 to our bottomline in a single day on a job we wouldn't have done before."
Mark Peach
Vice President
"Trux has been most helpful to us in the dispatching fleets of trucks. With one single stroke of the keyboard, we can request and receive a sufficient number of trucking for our projects."
Chris Lynch

Looking for help with your dump truck logistics?

Improve scheduling, hauler tracking, and gain confidence in hauler earnings with Trux's software for trucking.