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Ease the Burden of Ensuring Compliance

Haul with confidence knowing you and your haulers are in compliance.

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Protect and manage your relationships with independent haulers

Pass the ABC Test with Trux

Do you make use of third-party, subcontracted haulers for some or all of your dump trucking needs in the state of California? California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) requires the heavy construction industry to use the 3-step ABC Test to prove that these dump truck operators are independent contractors. Trux helps you pass this test and substantiate the independent contractor status of your subcontracted haulers.

ABC Test w Trux


Maintaining Independence

  • Post work to the Trux Marketplace for verified, independent haulers to claim

  • Request known 3rd party “Favorites” who can choose your work among other available Marketplace work

  • Independent haulers choose to claim and accept work requests and/or claim available work from the Marketplace

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Haul With Confidence

  • Trux validates and requires all haulers on the Marketplace have current and sufficient insurance coverage

  • Trux ensures all hauling companies are registered as proper business entities with a valid Tax ID

  • Trux collects and maintains documentation required to make hauler payments for Marketplace work



"Our team is solution and results-driven and Trux is the solution that works best for our business.”
John Carney
"Being able to bring dump trucks to a project, even from outside of our local market, is a huge win for us.”
Evan Elliott
Vice President
"Trux is so easy to work with. There's nothing crazy about it. Everything is right there in front of you, so it was easy to just take it and run with it."
Ashly Bollman

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