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How TRUX Helps Dump Truck Owners

Freedom to choose the jobs you want. Payment weekly, via Direct Deposit. Automatic digital invoicing.

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How TRUX Helps Contractors & Fleet Managers

Flexibility to accept more jobs. Access to licensed & insured drivers, through TRUX Marketplace. Designate your favorite drivers.

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Dump Truck Contracts and Truck Broker Software

How TRUX Helps Material Producers

Confidence to improve plant operations through better data. Track loads. Digitally dispatch your jobs.

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Happy Drivers & Fleet Managers

Andrew J. Musto Expert in Get Dump Truck Contracts

“Partnering with TRUX has transformed the capacity of our paving crews.  We are able to reliably perform work anywhere within our geographic coverage, with confidence we can get efficient trucks/drivers at the right price-point.  Also, the business intelligence we gain from the platform has helped us improve our tons-per-day and gain back lost time that was always a challenge in our industry.”

Andrew J Musto, Chief Operating Officer, US Pavement
Truck Drivers Looking for Jobs

“Our first job with TRUX was better than I ever could have expected. The trucks that filled our posting were great, very fast and professional. I would absolutely recommend TRUX to anyone looking for trucks!”

Emily Hellard, Owner, Hellard Trucking
construction workflow management software

“TRUX has helped me grow my business by providing the opportunity to work during the heavy season as much as possible. I now have two dump trucks and look to keep growing and have a third dump truck by next year. It’s a great company because you pick your own schedule and the shifts that work better for you.”

Jose Barahona, Owner, Jacob B. Trucking