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What Do Haulers Like About Trux?

A Trux Infographic

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Hauler Satisfaction is High

Trux surveys haulers up to twice a year to gauge their satisfaction with our products and services. We ask a single question: How likely are you to recommend Trux to a friend/colleague? Some of you may recognize this as the Net Promotor Score (NPS), which is a common measure of overall satisfaction and loyalty. Our hauler NPS scores place us in the Excellent or Best In Class category among software companies1.

What's Behind the Scores?

While the NPS survey is backed by a lot of research and is an important metric to gauge how satisfied your users are, by itself it doesn't always tell you enough to either double-down on what pleases users and improve on what they don't like. This is why we ask a single follow-up question which is essentially asking the hauler to qualify their response - what can we do to improve if the score is low, what do you like most about Trux if the score is high?

We analyzed all of the responses to this follow-up question to figure out why our haulers feel the way they do about Trux. Click the button below to jump to the infographic summary, and read on for more of the details about what drives their experiences.

The App - Trux Drive

A significant number of responses emphasize the app's simplicity, ease of navigation, and user-friendly layout. Users appreciate the straightforward and intuitive design that makes it easy to find and dispatch work. Trux Drive is rated a 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on the App Store - the Average score for Business apps (our category) is 3.65. The average score for Weather apps, the top category on the App Store, is 4.2422.


Weekly, reliable pay is a significant benefit of using Trux. Haulers complete work from the Trux Marketplace and receive funds via Direct Deposit (ACH) payments to their bank account by end of the day on their scheduled payment date - all without the need to invoice the contractor for whom they performed the work. That's a significant time and cost savings when you consider many contractors may take 30-60 days (or even longer sometimes) to remit payment!


Similar to easy, fast payment, the ability to find work on the Trux Marketplace and keep trucks busy is a major benefit cited by respondents. Our contractor and material producer customers make regular use of the Trux Marketplace using an average of 30 different haulers across 22 different hauling companies! So it pays to be an active member of the Trux community.

Customer Service

As with the NPS survey, we also ask haulers who interact with our Customer Support team for their feedback on the service they received. And similar to our NPS scores, satisfaction with our support team remains strong at over 93%! We take great pride in knowing that our team has positive, professional interactions and enjoys working with our community.

The Company

Finally, a lot of respondents mention their positive experience with Trux the company, which is certainly pleasing to hear. We make an effort to try and get in front of customers and users across all of our teams at Trux. It's not just Support and the implementation teams who interact with our community. The Product and Engineering teams visit quarries, plants and job sites to see how our users interact with our products and to better understand their workflow and challenges. And Marketing is always looking to speak with customers to hear about and document their stories.

Was it all good?

Of course not, but we don't expect that. And often the best feedback comes from your detractors. The most common feedback we receive from detractors tends to be around one of the following three themes.

  • Pay Rates - This is a tough one to address, because Trux doesn't set the hauling rates for the work posted to our Marketplace. It's ultimately up to the contractors and material producers who are looking to hire trucks for their work to decide what they are willing and able to pay for 3rd party trucking. Typically, in an open marketplace, the most attractive work - taking pay, distance, duration, lead time, and type of work into account - will be filled first. And less attractive work may go unfilled. And given our historical fill rates, that happens the vast majority of time. Trux does provide guidance to our contractor and material producer partners on how to maximize their fill rates, but ultimately, the rates are up to their discretion. You can read more about how rates are set on the Marketplace in this article.
  • Work - Some haulers respond requesting more work on the Trux platform. This was particularly the case last year when weather wreaked some degree of havoc in certain areas of the country, putting many projects behind during the busy season. Rest assured, growing demand for haulers in our markets will continue to be a focus in 2024.
  • Tracking - While this objection is understandable, it's actually more of a perception (or misconception) issue than a reality. The perception, at least based on feedback, is that Trux is tracking haulers all the time, even when not using the app. The reality is, GPS tracking through Trux Drive is only activated from the time you punch-in until the time you punch-out or at the conclusion of the last load of your last assignment. Your loads won’t be tracked when you’re not actively working  and are “off the clock.” And there are a lot of reasons why GPS tracking is a tool that can help truckers operate more efficiently and even get more work than they would otherwise without it. Read more myths and truths about GPS tracking in this article.

You can see all of these results and more summarized in our infographic below.

1Qualtrics: NPS® Ratings Across 20 Industries, 2018- 2022, Nov 2022. NPS scores among companies in the software industry, including Apple, Adobe, Google, Intuit, Sony, and others.

2Statista: Average star ratings of mobile apps hosted on the Apple App Store by category.

2023 - What do haulers like about trux


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