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Keep Your Trucks Busy and On the Road

With access to the nation's largest technology-enabled  dump truck marketplace

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Need to find more hauling work for your trucks? We’ve got you covered!


Loads Delivered


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Haulers Taking 1st Shift Each Day from the Trux Marketplace

Trux Marketplace

  • Join the nation's largest dump truck marketplace, and keep your trucks on the road with local work when you need it

  • Receive notifications when relevant work is posted in your area.

  • Assign work directly to your employed drivers, and receive confirmation when they've accepted and completed it

  • Build consistent working relationships with contractors and material producers


Get Paid Fast

  • Trux pays you the week after work is completed

  • No more waiting for 30, 60, 90 days or more to get paid

  • No more chasing down outstanding invoices from multiple contractors

  • Free up your cash to grow your business with direct deposit


Automated Invoices

  • Trux invoices contractors and material produces for you, so you can focus on keeping your trucks on the road

  • Track your earnings by hauler, by week, and by job

  • Reconcile all completed work with digital punch-in and punch-out times and access to digital load slips



Built-In Communication

  • Stay connected with haulers on the road throughout the day

  • Communicate start and end locations and specific instructions within the job details

  • Automatically communicate delivery, job, and route changes at the conclusion of each load

  • Send in-app chat messages separate from personal text threads

                         Hauler Communication



"Our team is solution and results-driven and Trux is the solution that works best for our business.”
John Carney
"Being able to bring dump trucks to a project, even from outside of our local market, is a huge win for us.”
Evan Elliott
Vice President
"Trux is so easy to work with. There's nothing crazy about it. Everything is right there in front of you, so it was easy to just take it and run with it."
Ashly Bollman

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