Get A Load Of This: A Podcast by Trux

A podcast bringing you news & insights on topics heavy civil construction professionals care about from leaders & experts in the field.

Ep. 7: Understanding Pay Rates In The Trucking Industry

Seairra Williams, the CFO of UFFB & UFT, has built a long career working with haulers - helping them grow their business and connecting them with work opportunities in their area.

Ep. 6: Is The Cloud The Next Wave of Construction Tech?

Clay Bowman is the Sales and Marketing Director of TAC Insight & Fast-Weigh.

Ep. 5: From Cameras to Autonomous Drones

David Boardman, the founder & CEO of Stockpile Reports, knows that the foundation of automation...

Ep. 4: Friend or Foe?: Technology in the Dispatch Office

Raquel Rivas, a dispatching supervisor with Vulcan Materials Company, sits down with us this...

Ep. 2: What the Infrastructure Bill Means for the Aggregate Industry

Michele Stanley is a leader when it comes to advocating for the interests of the aggregate...

Ep. 1: The Best Way to Start Marketing Your Construction Company

Aaron Witt, CEO and Founder of BuildWitt, has carved a name for himself telling stories about...