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Get a Handle on Hauling

Our dump truck logistics and dispatch software was designed to help you manage all trucking logistics in one place -- including finding more trucks when you need them through the nation's largest dump truck marketplace.





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Why Producers and Contractors Love Trux



Save on average 30 minutes of dispatcher time per hauler per week with digital scheduling, load stacking, and reassignment. Load planning tools automatically calculate how many loads, trucks, or tons will be required to fill an order, saving you time and ensuring you are never over- or under-trucked. When integrated with your sales order and scale/ticketing systems, you can manage all of your dispatching, delivery and truck tracking, ticketing, customer and hauler communications in one place.

GPS Tracking


Monitor the progress, time-stamped route, current location, and ETA of all loads and all trucks, in real-time and after delivery. Because haulers are using the Trux Drive app to punch-in, complete loads, and punch-out, you and your customers get real-time and historical tracking and delivery confirmation of every truck and every load without any equipment.

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Never lose time or money searching for lost paper load slips. Digital slips are available directly from within Trux as soon as each load is completed. And full E-ticketing is available with integrated scale systems, giving you and your customers a complete picture of what's going on. Go paperless with all of the digital documentation you need to invoice customers and pay your haulers for the work.

Delivery Tracking


Delight customers and increase loyalty with a differentiated customer experience. Full order delivery tracking, truck ETA to the job site, E-ticketing, and delivery confirmation of every completed load gives your customers a reason to keep doing business with you over your competitors. Job site productivity tools ensure that the customer is prepared to receive each load without causing delays, backups, and incurring wait time penalties. And with material reordering, your customers have a frictionless solution to give you repeat business.

Find Trucks


It's not uncommon to find ourself short of trucks for the job. Even worse, you may find yourelf losing out on bids or avoiding them altogether out of concerns that you won't be able to secure adequate trucking with your existing fleet. With Trux, you can find more 3rd-party trucks when you need them from the nations largest dump truck marketplace. Dispatch, track, and communicate with 3rd party haulers just as you do with our internal, employed haulers.

Hauler Payment


Paying haulers for the work they complete for you represents a significant time burden and cost for your business office. Especially when you are using a lot of 3rd party/subcontracted haulers. That's why Trux pays the haulers you use for you and sends you a single, consolidated invoice, saving you up to 1.5 hours per hauler per week. And with digital punch-in, punch-out, and load complete, you have the data you need to validate you are getting what you paid for.


Why Owners and Operators Love Trux Drive


Each day, 30 haulers take their first shift from the Trux Marketplace. And the average Trux customer sources 30 haulers from 22 different hauling companies. Trux helps keep your fleet's schedule full.

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Trux pays you weekly for the work you complete from the Trux Marketplace. No more invoicing and waiting 30 days, 60 days, or more to get paid. We take care of that for you and pay you directly.

Keep Track of Earnings


Keep track, in real-time, of all completed work and earnings by job, by hauler, and by week. Go paperless with digital ticket uploads directly from within the Trux Drive app. Once uploaded, you have immediate access to all digital tickets to reconcile and validate completed loads and payments.

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Haulers rate Trux Drive a 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on the App Store for its simplicity, ease of navigation, and user-friendly layout. A straightforward and intuitive design make it easy to find, assign, and manage work for your haulers.

Trux Solutions

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Top Line Revenue Growth
  • 7% increase in aggregate tons

  • 10% increase in asphalt tons

  • 8% increase in average capacity per driver/day

Increased Plant Efficiency
  • 15% decrease in truck load time

  • 13% increase in loads per hour

  • 10% faster plant turnaround time

  • 20% faster job site turnaround time


Find more work
  • 60,000+ haulers

  • 23,000+ hauling companies

  • ~30 haulers taking their first shift each day

Weekly pay
  • $1.3 B+ in hauler payments

  • No invoicing

Easy to use
  • 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on the App Stores (3.6 average score)

  • Best-in-class customer satisfaction ratings


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Trux Drive v2-1


Each day, 30 haulers take their first shift from the Trux Marketplace. And the average Trux customer sources 30 haulers from 22 different hauling companies. Trux helps keep your fleet's schedule full.


Trux has made over $1.3B in weekly hauler payments. You complete the work, and we pay you directly each week. Trux takes care of invoicing your customer, so you don't have to wait for 30, 60, 90 days or more to get paid for the work.

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Haulers rate Trux Drive best-in-class for ease of use and support. Learn more about their feedback and use of the app in our recent survey.

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Trux makes it easy for you to track of all of your earnings and digital loads slips by hauler, by job, by week. All at your fingertips.

Keep Track of Earnings

Trux Construction


Bottom Line Cost Savings
  • 30 minutes of dispatcher time saved per hauler/week

  • 1.5 hours of business office savings per hauler/week

  • 6% reduction in billing errors and delays


We knew we needed to find more reliable trucking. Rather than focusing on the problem, we knew the only way to get ahead was to find a solution. Harness is solution and results-driven, Trux is the solution that works best for our business. By leveraging Trux's platform, we are able to reliably find trucks when we need them, ensure material is delivered to the job site on time, and remain nimble as changes to our schedules occur.
John Carney
Foreman at Harness Solutions LLC
Our partnership with Trux over the past 2 years has allowed my team to vastly improve our trucking operations. Trux gives us the ability to efficiently manage out fleet, get additional dump trucks when we need them, monitor performance, get digital copies of our tickets and gain access to cost data in real-time. Trux has helped provide quality control over our trucking operations as we can deliver on our commitments to our clients.
Michael Musto
CEO & President at U.S. Pavement Services



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