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Trux makes it possible for contractors to find more trucks when needed, manage their own fleet, keep their projects on schedule

Trux is the leading dump truck logistics platform solution that contractors rely on to find more trucks for their projects, manage their fleet of trucks, and keep their projects on schedule.

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The Simple Solution To Your Hard Work

We’ve helped over 14,000 businesses expand their hauling supply with access to the nation's largest network of verified, technology-enabled haulers.

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The leading dispatch and logistics platform for contractors

Find More Trucks When You Need Them

Access our network of over 43,000 verified haulers ready to work when you need them. Eliminate the hassle of finding and maintaining subcontractors by leveraging our vetted and insured drivers.




Dispatch and Schedule Digitally

Schedule and dispatch faster with a digital platform. Reduce the number of phone calls and texts with powerful tools that keep the entire team connected.



Our partnership with Trux over the past 2 years has allowed my team to vastly improve our trucking operations. Trux gives us the ability to efficiently manage our fleet, get additional dump trucks when we need them, monitor performance, get digital copies of our tickets and gain access to cost data in real-time. Trux has helped provide quality control over our trucking operations as we can deliver on our commitments to our clients.
Michael Musto
CEO & President

Get a Handle on Third-Party Hauling

Track haulers and costs in real-time. Eliminate the need for handwritten timesheets, verify punch-in and punch-out times and full route histories on every completed delivery. Report on trucking performance with accurate data.



Simplify Work in the Back Office

Reduce potential errors or fraud with digital load and ticket data. Use accurate digital timesheets to manage hauling to the minute. Manage the gap between AR/AP by aligning material hauled (by the ton/hour/load) to material invoiced with digital records. Receive a single, consolidated invoice for all of your subcontracted haulers, no matter how many you use.






Check out our case study to find out how 3531 Trucking Inc. used Trux to transform their dispatching and hauler operations while driving customer satisfaction. 


We knew we needed to find more reliable trucking. Rather than focusing on the problem, we knew the only way to get ahead was to find a solution. By leveraging Trux's platform, we are able to reliably find trucks when we need them, ensure material is delivered to the jobsite on time, and remain nimble as changes to our schedules occur.
John Carney

Manage Your Logistics More Efficiently