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All-In-One Dump Truck Logistics Platform

Trux's powerful dump truck logistics platform is designed to work the way you do. Streamline all your trucking logistics with a comprehensive solution.



Plant-Loads v2

TRUX Deliver

  • Digitally dispatch and instantly communicate with haulers

  • View and manage the flow of trucks at the plant/origination in real time.

  • Automated customer order delivery tracking

  • Access digital tickets after each load is delivered

  • Keep your haulers busy and up-to-date with load stacking and reassignment

  • GPS tracking for haulers in real-time

Plant-Loads v2


  • Enable your customers to track all loads from the plant/origin to the job site/destination

  • View hauler ETA and wait time at the job site

  • View delivery velocity and cycle time in real-time

  • View and download E-Tickets and scale data for digital proof of delivery

  • Reorder materials while at the job site

Delivery Tracker

TRUX Drive

  • Find, claim, and accept more work in your area

  • Easily view your current and upcoming schedule

  • Capture delivery data and reduce paperwork with digital ticketing

  • Communicate with dispatch and site contacts with a single tap

  • Access earnings in real-time, sorted by job, driver, or date

Drive Screens


  • Find more verified 3rd party/subcontracted hauling supply when you need it

  • Digital dispatching/scheduling and assignment confirmation

  • Hauler GPS tracking and communication tools

  • Digital punch-in and punch-out, load slips, automatic shift fee calculation, and dispute management

  • Consolidated invoices - receive one invoice no matter how many haulers you use

  • Hauler payments - Trux pays the haulers for the work they complete for you


TRUX Manage

  • Digital dispatching/scheduling and assignment confirmation for employed and regular haulers

  • Hauler GPS tracking and communication tools

  • Digital punch-in and punch-out, load slips, and automatic shift fee calculation

  • Hauler payments - spend more time hauling and less time processing hauler payments

Real-Time GPS Tracking Screen

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