TRUX is Built for Material Producers

TRUX knows that to succeed as a Material Producer you need to manage your assets and maximize the efficiency of your plants. That’s why we created technology that solves some of the industries toughest challenges.

TRUX for Material Producers

Increase Plant Efficiency

TRUX knows how important it is to increase the efficiency at your plant. From the time a driver arrives at the weigh scale, to getting their load filled, and weigh out – any small bottleneck can have huge ramifications for plant productivity. That is why we use geofencing technology to give you additional insight into streamlining plant operations and cycle-time.

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Smarter Digital Dispatching

As a material producer, you rely on your dispatchers to have a pulse on your entire operation. They are a key player in ensuring drivers show up on time, job demands are met, and the day runs smoothly. With TRUX your dispatchers can stagger arrival time, leaving time for drivers to get weighed in – without the lines. Dispatchers can digitally request trucks in an instant and can even assign favorite haulers to specific jobs.

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Cycle-Time Reporting

With TRUX cycle-time reporting, material producers can measure and manage turn time for all their locations and jobs. Using TRUX technology gives material producers an operational edge in an increasingly competitive industry.

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TRUX Insight

There is no shortage of data available to most Material Producers. However, using that data to drive meaningful change is a different story. TRUX Insight takes raw data and translates it into actionable insight into your operations.

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TRUX for Material Producers

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Click the “Sign Up” button fill out your personal details and click “Continue”. On this screen you will fill out your company details and click “Create New Account”. The next page walks you through billing method. You can select ACH payment direct from your back account or Credit Card payment. It’s that easy!
To dispatch your own trucks through your TRUX your drivers will need to download and sign up for TRUX on their mobile devices. To have them enrolled as a driver for your company, you will need to provide them the 8-digit code found in your account.
We have a dedicated support team that is available to walk you through any questions you have!

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Who is TRUX?

The TRUX team is a group of industry veterans, technology leaders, and hard-working innovators that believe running a material business should be easier and more profitable.

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