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Trux to Launch 'Get a Load of This' Podcast

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BOSTON – August 17, 2021- Trux™, the dump truck logistics technology leader, announced today that it is launching an industry podcast titled "Get a Load of This.”

Season one of the 30-minute weekly show will be available every Tuesday, beginning Aug. 17. Host Elizabeth Sholes, corporate marketing director at Trux, will have lively conversations with industry experts and leaders in civil construction, aggregates, and technology. 

“Trux is excited to venture into podcasting, which is quickly becoming the most effective way to connect with consumers, regardless of the subject matter,” said Bart Ronan, CEO of Trux. “We feel that this is an excellent way to reach our core stakeholders and keep them up to date on what’s happening in their industry, straight from industry leaders. Elizabeth's vibrant personality, knowledge of dump truck logistics, and engaging guests will showcase the fast-moving and exciting future of our industry."    Season one will take a deep look into the topics that matter most in the industry today, as Sholes and her guests, including Aaron Witt, David Boardman, and Michele Stanley, cover everything from the federal infrastructure bill to marketing, retaining top talent, autonomous drones, and more. “Get a Load of This” will be a landing spot for professionals interested in heavy civil construction, aggregates, and anyone who wants to stay on top of the ever-growing field of logistics.  

Trux, which has seen remarkable growth in the construction and trucking industries in the last year, aims to reduce the work required for heavy logistics by using straightforward technology tested on site. Amid a growing backlog of construction projects and a need for better management, understanding industry pain points and strategies for success are critical. As a leader in this space, Trux is well-poised to connect with other industry leaders to provide the most up-to-date insight via “Get a Load of This.”

“Get a Load of This” will be available in all major Podcast hubs, including Apple, Google, and more. Subscribing to the show is the most effective way to know the latest in dump truck logistics. 

About Trux 

Trux is the leading transportation management system transforming the heavy construction industry. The TRUX solution is an all-in-one app that pairs a robust suite of logistics management functionality with a two-sided marketplace, connecting contractors and material producers with the nation's largest network of technology-enabled haulers. TRUX users realize significant gains in the profitability of their logistics services through more efficient operations, better customer experience, and improved visibility into operations.