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Dump truck logistics startup experienced tenfold revenue growth in 2019

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WALTHAM, MA / February 26, 2020 / TRUX™ capped another year of tremendous growth in 2019, furthering its mission to modernize the dump truck industry by helping contractors find, dispatch, and manage their fleets with its comprehensive dump truck logistics platform. Tens of thousands of dump truck drivers have logged millions of miles on the cloud-based platform while TRUX facilitated over $120,000,000 of hauling in 2019.

Since TRUX launched in 2015, over 12,500 drivers have joined the platform and combined to log over 45 million miles on the platform in over 20 states. In 2019, the number of miles traveled on the TRUX platform by dump truck drivers increased elevenfold over 2018. This exponential revenue growth rate is expected to continue in 2020, with approximately 30 new drivers taking their first shift on the TRUX platform every day.

In 2019 alone, TRUX facilitated over $120,000,000 in hauling, amounting to a 13-fold growth in the amount of hauling TRUX facilitated in 2018. Customers who worked with TRUX in 2018 increased their spend by 398 percent in 2019, demonstrating the industry's need for a complete dump truck management platform that includes automated dispatching, tracking, driver notification, paperless ticketing, and driver payment.

"TRUX gives us the ability to efficiently manage our fleet, get additional dump trucks when we need them, monitor performance, get digital copies of our tickets and gain access to cost data in real-time," said Michael J. Musto, president, US Pavement. "Our business is dedicated to providing the best service to our clients and we have built a strong reputation in the industry from doing just that. TRUX has helped provide quality control over our trucking operations so we can deliver on our commitments to our clients."

In 2019, TRUX expanded its product offerings in order to address the changing needs of the dump truck logistics industry, launching the following features:

  • Digital Dispatch: Modern, efficient dispatching for the 21st century, flexible enough for fleets of any size.
  • Cycle-time Analysis: Insights into job progress and operations, previously unavailable for most of the industry.
  • Order Delivery Tracker: Real-time order tracking tool -- even for non-TRUX customers.
  • Fleet Management: Robust tools to manage fleets from a desktop computer.


"TRUX experienced a tenfold growth in revenue over the past two years, which is an impressive rate for an early stage startup," said Bart Ronan, CEO at TRUX. "We are proud of the huge strides TRUX made in 2019 and look forward to another year of rapid growth. Our goal remains to provide an all-in-one platform to help dump truck owners manage their fleet, help contractors track and find dump trucks, and help material producers improve cycle-time and plant operations."
To request a free demo or to sign-up for the TRUX platform, visit truxnow.com.

About TRUX
TRUX is a multi-sided platform providing an open marketplace that connects truckers, contractors, and material producers throughout North America. TRUX is transforming the logistics of a $50 billion industry that has largely been left behind by technology with a complete dump truck management solution. TRUX is creating a space in this market where it can positively impact the productivity of corporations, the personal lives of individual owner/operators, and effect positive social change by reducing the carbon imprint in construction through smarter logistics.