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TRUX Continues Its Growth Trajectory in Q2 Despite Challenges Presented by Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

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Waltham, Mass., August 11, 2020 - TRUX™, the leader in dump truck logistics technology, has continued to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic with recent product launches and enhanced features aimed at helping the construction industry facilitate essential work and operate more efficiently. Over the past year, TRUX expanded its presence into 24 states across the U.S. and saw a 121 percent increase in the number of haulers using its logistics platform.

Innovative deployment of the TRUX platform has fueled its growth geographically, specifically in the southeast including Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia in 2020. TRUX continues to maintain the nation’s largest technology-enabled network of dump truck drivers, with more than 20,000 approved drivers using its platform. Each month, over 750 new drivers take their first shift on the platform, delivering materials to active construction sites. Since its inception, over 85 million miles have been logged onto the TRUX platform and the company has processed more than 50,000 invoices for its contractors, helping each customer save an estimated 700 hours per year on processing invoices alone.

In July 2020, TRUX launched Powered by TRUX, its enterprise-level logistics service for material producers, which saw an 80+ percent adoption rate after three weeks; and earlier this summer, TRUX released its new DOT-ready contactless ticketing solution for safer job sites. Additional product enhancements launched by TRUX this year include:

  • Digital Dispatching and Fleet Management tools, which allow for better customer service and robust asset tracking
  • In-depth Cycle-Time Analysis, which gives dispatchers a new level of transparency into real-time performance
  • Order Delivery Tracker, which has enabled thousands of contractors to track deliveries of material in real-time on their job-sites

"The challenges facing the construction industry are significant and only getting more complex as the COVID-19 pandemic continues," said Bart Ronan, CEO of TRUX. "From the beginning, we've remained steadfast in our commitment to modernize construction logistics. Our innovative approach to on-site deployment and onboarding has made the adoption of our logistics solutions straightforward for haulers and contractors even in today’s demanding environment.”

Ronan continued, “We invest in our technology continuously, and since June, we've launched two new solutions - 'Powered by TRUX' and contactless ticketing - to help meet the unique and changing needs of our valued customers. Our goal is to continue to innovate and expand our product offerings as we remain committed to offering our partners and customers market-leading logistics solutions that benefit the construction industry as a whole."

For more information about TRUX and the company’s modern construction logistics solutions, visit TRUXnow.com.

About TRUX

TRUX is a multi-sided platform providing an open marketplace and enterprise logistics management solution that connects truckers, contractors, and material producers throughout North America. TRUX offers the nation's largest technology-enabled dump truck network, with over 20,000 approved dump truck drivers. The company’s complete dump truck management solution is transforming the logistics of a $50 billion industry that has largely been left behind by technology. TRUX works with contractors, individual owner/operators, and corporations of all sizes to increase the efficiency of the industry and effect positive social change by reducing the carbon imprint in construction through smarter logistics.