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TRUX Debuts Enterprise-Level Logistics Service Powered by TRUX

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Waltham, Mass., June 30, 2020 - TRUX™, the leader in dump truck logistics technology, today announced its new enterprise-level logistics service, Powered by TRUX. This new suite of services equips aggregate and material producers with the tools they need to provide best-in-class service to their customers and innovative software to their dispatchers.

Over the past year, TRUX expanded its product offerings, including efficient Digital Dispatching and robust Fleet Management tools, as well as in-depth Cycle-Time Analysis that gives dispatchers a new level of transparency into real-time performance. The new Order Delivery Tracker has enabled thousands of contractors to track deliveries of material in real-time on their job-sites. After careful collaboration with its key customers, the “Powered by TRUX” solution was developed to leverage the power of its cloud-based platform to benefit the construction industry as a whole. Upcoming features will include contactless ticketing and enhanced analytics/insights, among others. The “Powered by TRUX” platform is available to all material producers who are looking to modernize their logistics services.

“We are in unprecedented times amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges facing the construction industry are significant and evolving,” said Bart Ronan, CEO of TRUX. “Our size and scale has allowed us to capitalize on our commitment to modernize construction logistics with easy tracking tools like the new Powered by TRUX delivery tracking feature. We look forward to working with our customers to continue to drive positive change in construction logistics like working towards safe, contact-free job sites with paperless transactions.”

TRUX has seen an uptick in activity on its platform as the company works with customers and partners to help facilitate essential work across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, 25 new drivers take their first shift on the platform, delivering materials to active construction sites. TRUX maintains the nation’s largest network of dump truck drivers, with over 16,000 approved drivers on the platform and over 65 million miles logged on projects across the country. TRUX is addressing the changing needs of the dump truck logistics industry with better digital tools for dispatchers, more robust on-site offerings for contractors, and more opportunities for haulers.

For more information about “Powered by TRUX” or the company’s other modern dump truck logistics solutions, visit TRUXnow.com

About TRUX

TRUX is a multi-sided platform providing an open marketplace and enterprise logistics management solution that connects truckers, contractors, and material producers throughout North America. The company’s complete dump truck management solution is transforming the logistics of a $50 billion industry that has largely been left behind by technology. TRUX works with contractors, individual owner/operators, and corporations of all sizes to increase the efficiency of the industry and effect positive social change by reducing the carbon imprint in construction through smarter logistics.