Drive Management Software

Over 20,000 truck owners, drivers, and brokers find and complete work using TRUX Drive!

Find Work in Minutes

  • Find and claim jobs in your area
  • Get requested for jobs by local contractors and material producers
  • View important job details including rate information
  • Clear start & end locations, with 1-button navigation
  • Easy digital ticket upload

Manage Your Business

  • Easily view your current & upcoming schedule
  • View punch in/out events for all your drivers
  • Communicate with dispatch and site contacts
  • Add drivers and trucks to your company profile
  • View real-time tracking for your entire fleet

Get Real-time Earning Info & Fast Payments

  • View earnings in real-time, sort by job, driver, or date
  • View your entire work history
  • No need to invoice for your work, TRUX takes care of that for you
  • Effortless payment, deposited weekly

Trusted by truckers


We bring the work to you

No more searching for jobs or waiting for the phone to ring. The Marketplace presents you with hauling jobs in your area.

Payments you can rely on

Thousands of haulers use TRUX to connect with local work & trust us to provide consistent weekly payments. 

Mobile device storage

Truckers take and upload photos of load slips throughout the day, but these photos are not stored on your device (unless you choose to store them) and therefore, don't take up any of your device's storage.

Hear from our customers

Our first job with TRUX was better than I ever could have expected. The trucks that filled our posting were great, very fast and professional. I would absolutely recommend TRUX to anyone looking for trucks!

Steve Cabral, F&U Logistics

Looking for help with your dump truck logistics?

With TRUX fleet management - overseeing your fleet of dumptrucks is a breeze.