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The Ultimate Guide to the Trux Marketplace


Top Tips For Finding Work & Finding Trucks 



Running a trucking business isn't easy

It’s hard work, with a lot of moving pieces. But when done right, when everything clicks - roads get paved, bridges are built, and cities get connected.

We've created a guide to help you search for and accept work for your trucks on the nation's largest dump truck marketplace. 

What you'll learn in our 12-page guide:

  • Who the marketplace serves

  • Tips for successfully accepting and posting work to the marketplace

  • Ways to access the marketplace

  • Why some shifts go unclaimed

  • FAQs (and answers!) from haulers on the marketplace


Whether you’re in need of more work - or more trucks to get the job done - this guide will help you discover best practices for optimizing your posts to the marketplace so they’re picked up immediately, and gain tips for finding and accepting work for your trucks.

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