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Fleet Management Tracker: Changing The Game for Fleet Owners

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You’ve heard the quote, “Knowledge is power.” You’ve probably read it on a poster somewhere. Although it was penned over 400 years ago, it’s still simple and true. And so is using a fleet management tracker

Just imagine how powerfully you could manage your fleet if you knew the precise location of each of your vehicles--in real-time.

Using a fleet management tracker can give you that knowledge and more. The technology is a game changer for sure. With a GPS fleet tracking system solution in place, you have the ability to:

    • Optimize the way you run your business.
    • Streamline management of your daily operations.
    • Maximize and leverage driver accountability.
    • Increase customer satisfaction with a higher level of visibility.
    • Realize ROI and grow your business more quickly.

What Makes A Fleet Management Tracker Better for Business?


As a fleet owner, you’re looking for strategies, systems and solutions to transform the way you manage your fleet and gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Fleet managers who are still doing the job without the help of advanced technology are saddled with the same challenging tasks that they’ve dealt with for years. 

They have to handle operations using cumbersome manual processes, make sure drivers are responsible and safe, communicate with customers who may not understand the complexity of the job and respond to changes that inevitably come up.

There are so many moving pieces that mistakes have become matter-of-fact: errors in scheduling, accidents because of unsafe driving habits, increased costs due to fuel waste, and disgruntled third-parties--most of these problems could be mitigated by implementing a fleet management tracker solution.

A number of digital tools built for different types and sizes of fleets are now flooding the market. The most popular solutions combine the best GPS fleet tracking with added features to support and streamline other aspects of your business--scheduling, dispatching and back-office functions. You can find software solutions designed specifically for long-haul transportation, service fleets, construction related businesses and more.


Optimize Resources with a Fleet Management Tracker


Fleet operators have to constantly look for feasible ways to improve efficiency and productivity. How do you decide the most effective use of your employees’ time? What’s the best allocation of funds? What changes would increase the safety of your drivers?

A GPS tracking solution collects all kinds of valuable data, organizes and stores it for you (most platforms, in the cloud). When you need relevant information to make a decision, you can quickly access it through the solution’s reporting feature. While it may be okay to rely on experience and gut feelings to guide some actions, nothing beats the insight that meaningful data can provide for making strategic changes to your business.

Backed by the right data, you can implement training programs for drivers that will improve their performance, perhaps saving on insurance costs, vehicle maintenance and repair. Most importantly, safer driving practices can mean a reduced chance of accidents.

Data collected by a fleet management tracker can help you control costs. Idling in traffic or waiting in line to deliver materials is a huge fuel waster. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heavy-duty trucks use about .08 gallons of fuel while idling. With increased visibility into their fleet, dispatchers can stagger arrivals or reroute a driver to decrease fuel consumption. 

The back office will feel a significant lightening of the load after you implement fleet vehicle tracking software. Most solutions will offer digital ticketing which eliminates the need for batching at the end of the day. Many also will automatically create--even consolidate--invoices. Meaning back-office employees are available to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

Just remember, if you’re considering a specific solution, it’s important to make sure it integrates seamlessly with your ERP and other systems or provides you with a .CSV file with all the data you need.

Finally, a resource everyone values is freedom. A fleet management tracker that offers a mobile feature is life changing. It means you won’t have to run into the office after hours or miss another all-important family event.




Two things that are immediately impacted by a fleet vehicle tracking software system will be your operational workflows and the time it takes you to respond to the unexpected. Beginning with creating a schedule, the process of assigning the appropriate kind and number of trucks you’ll need for the day is simplified and far less time-consuming. Next, when it comes to dispatching, you’ll be able to instantly see the status of the entire fleet and can update everyone without a chain of phone calls and texts.

Many fleet trackers keep tabs on the location of your vehicles and the surrounding conditions, such as the weather, a traffic jam or roadwork that could mean a delivery is late. Without knowing the complete scenario, you’re in the dark. You really have no reliable way of knowing if your driver is making forward progress or if he’s idling in traffic wasting time and fuel.

But it’s a different story when you and your vehicles are connected by a GPS tracking system. You can see the problem and immediately reroute your driver. Or if the job is for a pick-up, you may have a driver who’s closer and can complete the job instead. With the overall picture in front of you, logistical decisions are based on facts, not guesses.

This ability to quickly make adjustments to changing conditions significantly increases the level of efficiency in your operations and decreases the amount of confusion and frustration that comes with not being in the loop.


Maximize Driver Accountability WITH GPS TRUCK TRACKING SYSTEMS


Ensuring that your drivers perform their jobs in a consistently safe, responsible way is a major concern. Without a way to really know how they’re driving, many fleet operators have to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Fleet tracking monitors your drivers in real-time. This accurate “eye” on their performance helps you determine which company drivers or third-party haulers are performing the best and which are falling behind.

If you see patterns that are company-wide, it may be a good idea to develop some training sessions to reduce poor performance. If the problem seems to be with only a few drivers, they can be coached individually. A positive byproduct of monitoring is that when drivers know they’re being watched, they usually regulate themselves and drive more carefully.

Another benefit to having routes, times and behaviors monitored comes in the form of proof. You’ll have data to show that your driver wasn’t at fault or did, in fact, arrive when he was scheduled.


Increase Customer Service and Referrals with Tracking Software


Every time you’re able to provide a customer with accurate information, especially if it shows that you’ve been proactive in avoiding a delay, it’s a win. You build positive thoughts and trust which results in that customer feeling good about you. 

With a fleet management tracker working for you, you can pass on the visibility it provides to your customers. Who doesn’t love checking in on that online purchase? Everyone, from an anxious husband who forgot an anniversary to a contractor who needs that load of gravel, appreciates knowing what’s up. Even if delivery is going to be a little late, most people would rather know the facts than wonder when.

Your reputation for reliability will translate into repeat business and referred business.


Realize ROI and Scale Your Business with a Fleet Management Tool


Of course, the return on investment when you purchase a fleet management tracker will vary from case to case. We’ve had reports of a return in only one month; others say it took closer to a year. Either way, the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity mean you should be able to take on more business.

Automating so many of your daily tasks frees up time that can be spent on developing profit centers. And the data that you’ve been able to collect through the fleet management vehicle tracking system will provide you with further insights to scale your growth.


Know the Power of a Fleet Management Tracker


  • A fleet management tracker allows you to make the most of your resources, reduce risks and control costs.
  • It simplifies your scheduling and dispatching workflows and enables you to react quickly to changes with confidence.
  • Monitoring your drivers enhances safety and has the potential to lower fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.
  • You’ll find your customers are happier with the visibility you provide and more likely to recommend your services.
  • You can leverage increased efficiency, higher productivity and reliable data to scale the growth of your business.

Trux is an all-in-one logistics platform especially built for businesses that depend on dump trucks. All the features were designed with your specific needs in mind--because the workflows and challenges of short-haulers are very different from those of long haulers or service delivery fleets.

If you have questions about how a fleet management tracker could transform your business, connect with us today. We’re always here to help.


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