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3 Tips for Managing a Fleet of Dump Trucks

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Trust us, as industry veterans, we know managing the logistics of your dump truck fleet isn’t easy.

Dump truck work is demanding. However, we have outlined some solutions to help you manage your fleet, everything from making sure you are earning fair market value, to getting smarter with your logistics, and taking care of your top talent.


HOW TO OWN A FLEET AND HOW Technology Can Help Manage Your Fleet of Dump Trucks

If you're looking to improve your dump truck fleet’s logistics, here are 3 tips to leverage technology:

1. Gain Full Market Visibility – and Let Jobs Come to You

The TRUX Drive app allows you to view all available jobs in your area. This means you will be able to see:

  • Types of work
  • Type of trucks required
  • Pay rates

You'll also be notified when:

  • New jobs are available in your area
  • Contractors request you/your fleet specifically

Finding work is critical - but finding the right kind of work is what takes your company to the next level. With technology, you can choose the best jobs for your crew, at the right time.


2. Get Smarter about Logistics & Scheduling

Successful dispatching and coordinating involves fast response times and seamless operational processes. Platforms like TRUX act as a central hub that serves to, well, centralize all your fleet management needs.

It’ll instantly move you away from pen-and-paper processes. The TRUX Now app allows you to:

  • Create a network of reliable truckers: You can share opportunities with them, hire them out instantly, and, have access to truck drivers and their locations to ensure that deadlines are being met.
  • Take advantage of downtime: The marketplace also grants you the ability to hire out your own trucks when they're not in use to maximize your earnings and keep truckers on a consistent schedule.
  • Job schedules: Jobs drivers accept gets automatically added to their schedule so they never miss a job.
  • Job reminders: Your drivers will receive job reminders along with information of where to go or how to contact contractors.
  • In-app punch-in and punch-out: Forget paper timesheets or logs. Your drivers will be able to handle their schedule in-app.
  • Automate payroll: With drivers punching in and out in-app, we are able to seamlessly pay drivers every week. No more tracking down contractors to ensure your fleet is paid.


3. Leverage Group-Buying Power

Your fleet represents your livelihood, so when they're taken care of, your business thrives. Aside from finding consistent work and ensuring reliable income, you need to provide your truck drivers with additional support to keep them protected on the road.

Fleet management is not just about what you earn, it's about keeping costs down. That's exactly what the TRUX Chrome program was built to do. It gives you exclusive access to the TRUX Buyers Club, which connects you with multiple vendors who offer national fleet pricing on a variety of benefits.

You can create incentives for your fleet, on everything from mud flaps to insurance - all while bolstering the foundation of your business.


Breaking Down Industry Barriers

Just like Uber connects drivers with riders, TRUX connects truckers with contractors.

“Drivers or haulers are looking for more jobs, to take advantage of both their time and the equipment they own. Material producers, who supply materials such as sand and asphalt, need haulers to get their product to the customers. And customers want to perfectly time the arrival of the material — rather than stopping work to wait for it to arrive.”

TRUX leverages technology to seamlessly connect the industry. If you're looking for new ways to increase profits and keep your truckers happy, schedule your free demo of TRUX's trucking logistics platform today.