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Struggle with Finding Dump Trucks? Here’s how to find them.

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Most contractors and material producers have a standby list of regular dump trucks they can turn to when orders ramp up. These relationships are built over decades and scoring a spot on a contractors list of regular dump trucks to call is a coveted position for most dump truck owners. It means steady work and security. However, we all know there are times when there is a need for dump trucks to get the work done. After you have already run down your list of favorite dump truck owners, where can you turn? 


The Usual Suspects

When you need a few dump trucks, you know who to turn to. There are more than a few local haulers or fleets you can turn to and feel confident you will get the trucking supply you need. Even though the process of calling, texting, and calling again may be time-consuming, it does get the job done - usually. 

Although this process isn’t quick and it takes an organized person to ensure they have actually secured all the haulers they need, especially with some likely last-minute cancellations or potential no-shows. It works and has worked for decades. That is why very few people have bothered to take a second look. There are even a few backup options when you can’t find the trucks you need that you can utilize when called for. 


Back-Up Options

Even though most contractors will tell you they have all the trucks they need, many of them still have to turn to a broker from time to time or scour the internet for hauling companies in their area they haven’t heard of yet. These back-up options have their advantages and disadvantages. Calling up the broker can often secure you the trucks you need but you don’t always know who will be showing up on the jobsite and if they will even show up. Trust us, your broker likely sweats about that too. 

Or you can take to the internet and try to find local haulers looking for work. But that is tedious work and you still never know what you are going to get but when you get in a bind there are no other options, right? Wrong. There is another option that is gaining massive traction with haulers across the country. It gives them access to steady work and gives contractors like you access to local haulers that you can trust - but verify the work being performed. 


The Newcomer

There is a new player in the game providing access to local haulers for contractors and material producers that makes it easy to find the exact amount of trucks you need for each day of a project. Your favorite haulers may even be using it already! TRUX is a technology company that focuses on construction logistics. What does that mean? Well, TRUX has a marketplace where haulers can go to find work, trust that they will get paid fast (TRUX pays haulers weekly), and they can cut down on the paperwork. It also means that contractors and material producers can schedule work to the marketplace and find the haulers they need. Imagine that, scheduling your work and watching haulers come to you! The first question that should come to you mind (or at least one of them) is, “but are these haulers I can trust to show up?” Haulers that sign up with TRUX are okay with being accountable. They have minimum requirements that must be met in order to accept work in the marketplace and they know that they will be tracked via GPS while they are punched-in. Oh yea, that’s right. Haulers punch-in and out of their shifts digitally. You will know as soon as haulers scheduled for that day punch-in and be able to track their location while they are working your job. It gives you the control to trust that they are doing what they should be doing, but the ability to verify that it is actually happening - in real-time. 


Getting Ahead

If you are thinking that this sounds pretty good, you aren’t alone. Hundreds of contractors across the country are turning toTRUX's trucking logistics platform to help when they are short on trucking supply. You shouldn’t have to settle for 6 dump trucks when you need 9 - and you certainly don’t want to get a call from the job site saying there are only 6 trucks onsite when you had confirmed 9 would show up. Not only is it easy to find the trucks you need, verify digitally that all the trucks are on the job, but getting started is easy too. Connect with one of TRUX logistics experts today to learn whether TRUX is a good fit for your business.