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What Does the Future of the Trucking Industry in the USA Look Like?

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How is the trucking industry right now? Technology and innovation happen in the trucking industry all the time. That’s because our society relies heavily on goods or materials moving from one location to another. From groceries getting delivered to a supermarket - to crushed stone, HMA, or sand getting delivered to a job site, we rely on the trucks that moved the material from point A to point B. This reliance isn’t going anywhere; in fact, we think the innovations on the horizon will be some of the most exciting yet. 

Right now, big changes are happening to logistics management in the vocational trucking industry, these changes will serve as a foundation for the future of trucking industry in USA. In this article, we’ll explore building blocks for the innovations of vocational trucking’s future.


Digital Marketplaces for Available Jobs

Until now, the process for haulers to find work has been opaque. They receive calls from local contractors, material producers, or brokers about work available for them - right now. Haulers need to make decisions on the fly about their schedule, the jobs they can accept, and what they need to decline. Not a great way to run their business. And contractors, material producers, and brokers need to make endless phone calls to find an available hauler for work - which oftentimes needs to happen right away. The current system is not ideal for the hauler or the businesses in need of their services. 

But not anymore.Innovations in the trucking industry happening right now, provide a marketplace for contractors and material producers to schedule their trucking needs and haulers to access available work in their area. This allows haulers more control over their schedule, plan work out multiple days in advance, and have confidence they are accepting the work that is the best fit for them and their truck. At the same time, it allows contractors and material suppliers to plan work ahead of time and feel confident they have appropriate trucking levels to stay on time and on budget. 


The Transition from Paper to Digital Files

Dump truck haulers and contractors have shouldered the burden of massive amounts of paperwork for decades. Each component of the job requires a new ticket and documentation, making it easy to lose slips or drown in a sea of paperwork. When documents get lost, it creates disputes which can cause delays and sour relationships that took years to build. 

Recently, digitization has become the preferred method for handling all project paperwork. More haulers, material suppliers, and contractors have begun to handle their administrative tasks via digital systems. Giving everyone access to the same paperwork, in real-time - making reconciliation a breeze.


Powerful Data Insights

Improving your business shouldn't rely on hunches or notepad projections. Instead, it should be based on conclusions drawn from precise data and the patterns they reveal. Haulers and contractors that implement modern tech innovations are leveraging data to learn more about how efficient their logistics operations are. While the current innovations allow haulers and contractors a better view into their logistics operations, they are also laying the foundation for more sophisticated tools and dashboards in the future that will allow construction professionals to leverage their data and improve their logistics, based on the trends they see.


TRUX is the All-in-One Solution for Trucking Now and in the  Future

Implementing the right tech partner now will allow you to take advantage of more transparent ways to schedule your work, manage your records & paperwork, and give you better insights with data. But even more importantly, it positions you to be on the leading edge of innovation - giving your business a competitive advantage. TRUX is the mostcomprehensive trucking logistics platform and solution for your team now and in the future.  

TRUX enables haulers and contractors to streamline the way they work. From more transparent ways of finding work and getting paid, to the digitization of records, and better data - TRUX provides the tools you need now and the innovation to consistently improve. Making you more money and helping you provide better service to your customers. 


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