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Cut Out Processing Hauler Invoices. It Could Save You 13 Hours Per Week.

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Trucking invoices are a huge part of your construction business, whether you like it or not. Your team has likely developed a good system for handling them but if you are like most construction companies - there are plenty of ways that things can get off track. Most of them are completely out of your control. So, how can you tackle the problem? Cut them out. You may not like processing hauler invoices, but we do! 

What Does Cutting Out Hauler Invoices Mean for Your Construction Company?

Well if you are anything like our current customers, it means that you can get 13 hours of your week back. The latest technology in construction logistics also includes billing and invoicing functionality. When you schedule your work in the Marketplace, trucks are able to accept that work, punch-in, and complete work through a mobile app. Since punch-in and punch-out events are happening digitally in the app, all hours per job are tracked seamlessly. No more need to rely on drivers to keep accurate records of the time they spent on your work, keep track of that paperwork, and turn it into their fleet owner. Instead, everything is logged in the system and a single invoice is created for ALL the hauling that has occurred within the period, grouped by the job. 

How Does it All Work?

There are a few steps that go into cutting out the need to process hauler invoices. All of which can be accomplished with a construction logistics partner. Let’s take a look at one approach. 

  1. Schedule Your Work In The App
  2. Haulers Accept Your Work & Punch In when the Job Starts
  3. GPS Tracks Haulers While they Are on the Clock
  4. Haulers Punch Out At the End of the Shift
  5. Each Week, All the Hired Hauling for your Jobs Is Pulling Into An Invoice & Sent to You 
  6. Download a .CSV File to Make Job Costing Easy

The Proof Is in the Pudding

When you look for a partner, you want to ensure that whoever you go with has a wealth of experience and a proven track record. How can you tell? There are a few key pieces of information that can help establish credibility. Look at how many invoices the company has compiled from hauling companies into a clear weekly invoice. That can show you how much paperwork you will be able to cut down. Additionally, if they are tracking how many hours per week that translates into for their customers in time-savings that can help you gauge whether or not this will be an effective tool for your company. Finally, do they do more than just process hauler invoices? Do you they help you find haulers to perform your work? Do they offer transparency into the jobs that you schedule through their technology? Finally, are they good to work with? Do they have a team that is available to answer questions? Will they help you on board with their system, so your team gets the full benefit? If the company you are looking to partner with doesn’t have clear answers to these questions it should raise a warning flag. 

Save 13 Hours Per Week - Starting Now

TRUX is a construction logistics company that serves contractors, material producers, and dump truck owners. Helping connect haulers with contractors in their area. With over 20k approved haulers in our marketplace, we have established credibility within the hauling community for being a partner that provides access to work and fast pay. We have built trust with contractors because we allow them to trust that their work is being performed but give them access to verify with real-time and historical GPS tracking for ALL haulers on the job. With a network of haulers and contractors using TRUX throughout the country, we have taken over 50,000 invoices from haulers and compiled them into over 4,000 invoices for contractors. This process has saved each of our customers (on average) 13 hours per week! Not only do our customers like working with us for all the reasons above but we also have a great group of customer success experts that will ensure your questions are answered and you know how to make the most of this new technology. Want to put us to the test? Schedule a call today to learn if we can help your company cut out processing hauler invoices.