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Dump Truck Owner Operator Needed? Here's The Easiest Way to Find One.

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Finding dependable and compliant dump truck owner operators isn’t always easy. Today’s landscape is competitive. In many markets, there are fewer haulers and they have more options than ever before. If you want to find dump truck owner operators fast, turn to technology like logistics management software to boost your productivity.

Tools Designed to Help Facilitate Connections

You depend on your jobsite running smoothly and efficiently to hit your numbers. How do you make that happen? You have to rely on top-notch dump truck operators and well-timed deliveries. How do you find haulers you can rely on?

Logistics management software, like Trux, allows you to find compliant and reliable dump truck owner operators - fast. Our marketplace offers local haulers the opportunity to find work near them & contractors the opportunity to build or scale a fleet with the click of a button.

No more time consuming phone calls to a long list of hauling companies. Instead, when dump truck owner-operators are needed, turn to logistics management software. It is easy to log in, create jobs and watch dump trucks come to you.

GPS Tracking for 21st Century Trucking

With the latest technology, you can gain unprecedented insight into your third-party trucking. Whether you are working with a hauling company you have grown to trust over the years or a brand new owner-operator, you can rest assured that they are being paid for each minute they work - but not more. Haulers can trust they are receiving each dollar they earn, while contractors gain confidence that haulers are staying on track.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, savvy contractors are turning to tracking. Knowing where the trucks on your job are can:

  • Keep job progress on track
  • Keep site foreman informed when material is on the way
  • Minimize excess costs

With tracking features, you can get more productivity out of each hour on the job. Time is money. Leverage technology to make data-driven decisions, avoid bottlenecks at the job-site, evaluate optimal routes for your haulers, and minimize costs.

dump truck owner operators neededTrux GPS Tracking Feature

Seamlessly Manage Compliance

Staying on top of compliance documentation is easier said than done. Keeping track of insurance expiration dates can be a pain to do manually. When you put technology to work, it can do the job for you. Tools like Trux take care of obtaining COI’s and managing records digitally. All haulers are required to meet minimum insurance requirements and are not able to accept shifts on the platform if their insurance has lapsed.

By leveraging technology, you have one less thing to worry about in your day-to-day operations.

“Our first job with Trux was better than I ever could have expected. The trucks that filled our posting were great, very fast and professional. I would absolutely recommend Trux to anyone looking for trucks!”

- Emily Hellard – Owner, Hellard Trucking, Montgomery, TX