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Trouble Finding Dump Trucks You Can Trust?

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Contractors constantly struggle with finding the right level of trucking to perform the work they have, too many dump trucks and it can cause large wait times at plants and job site backups. Too little dump trucks and the crew is waiting around for a dump truck to show up, running up the costs of valuable crew time and equipment run time. Ensuring your trucking levels are appropriately scheduled is vital to your success but even with the appropriate trucking levels, it can be a constant effort to battle trucker churn or find haulers that are skilled enough to perform your work. Not to mention, when you turn to outside resources like brokers, you can lose control of your trucking. The question becomes, how can you enable your team to find reliable dump trucks you can trust? 

Seek Out Independent Owner-Operators

Independent Owner-Operators own and drive their trucks, with that comes a certain amount of pride. Independent owner-operators take care of their trucks because it is their livelihood. If they don’t take care of their largest asset and provide top-level customer service, who will? Additionally, dump truck drivers that own their own vehicles, are likely experienced. If they own their own vehicle, they have most likely been driving for someone else for many years, saving up for a down payment on their own truck. As much as they take pride in their vehicles, they also know their vehicles inside and out. It is expensive to maintain a dump truck, owner-operators aren’t likely to make that commitment without having expertise in the truck they drive. Finally, independent owner-operators also really value contractors that can provide consistent work for them and pay them a fair wage. Each market operates differently and rates can vary throughout the country, but ensuring the haulers that work with you are paid fairly helps build a business relationship on a solid foundation.


Daily Auditing of Insurance

Not only do you need reliable, experienced dump truck drivers, you also need to ensure that all haulers on the job have the appropriate levels of insurance to prevent you from shouldering hefty damages and fines. Many contractors audit hauler insurance annually or bi-annually. That simply isn’t enough to ensure your company is protected. Utilizing a third party that can audit insurance daily provides contractors daily reassurance that their job sites are not going to be subject to additional costs. TRUX audits hauler insurance daily, receives updates when coverage levels change, and notifies haulers when their insurance is in danger of expiring, ensuring they don’t miss a day of work and you aren’t subject to fines.


Access the Nation’s Largest Network of Dump Trucks

TRUX is a tool connecting contractors across the country with qualified dump trucks in their area. We have a network of over 27,000 dump truck drivers eager to work for your construction business. With the nation’s largest network of dump trucks, you will be able to schedule work and watch qualified drivers accept your jobs. If you find a hauler that you love working with, TRUX makes it easy to save them as a favorite and use them again in the future. Much of the construction business is built on relationships cultivated over time, our technology allows you to continue to build good relationships with haulers in your area.

Take the trouble out of finding dump trucks with the help of TRUX. If you are interested in accessing our network of dump truck drivers, reach out to schedule a call with one of our local team members.