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How a GPS Tracker for Dump Trucks Adds Value to Your Business

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A GPS tracker for dump trucks is one key tool that allows dump truck businesses to run more smoothly. A few key ways traditional GPS trackers facilitates operational efficiency are:

  • Preventing theft at construction sites by giving businesses the tools they need to recover stolen equipment
  • Monitoring fuel consumption
  • Providing additional transparency with employee performance

However, as the industry evolves, business needs are changing and these current assets will be dwarfed by the additional data that platform & app-based GPS tracking can provide. What can you expect from platform-based GPS trackers for dump trucks?

  • Tracking third party haulers, alongside your employees
  • No additional purchases of equipment needed to gain insight
  • Enhanced transparency for everyone
  • Better communication


Insight Into ALL The Haulers You Work With

The dump truck industry relies consistently on independent haulers to get the job done. Relationships between haulers and the companies they provide services to are built over years and even decades, decades-long relationships are not built without trust. However, there have not previously been tools that could aid in verification when discrepancies arise.

GPS trackers for dump trucks in this new digital era, provide an additional layer of verification on the trust built over decades. Ensuring that haulers are paid for every minute they work and contractors are confident that haulers take the safest, most efficient routes.


Tracking Without Additional Equipment

Most GPS trackers for dump trucks require a piece of equipment (that cost money) in the vehicle. With new app-based GPS tracking there is no additional equipment needed. Haulers simply punch in and punch out shifts, providing you valuable data for the time they are on the clock.


Transparency in Your Daily Operations

A GPS tracker for dump trucks allows contractors and material producers to have transparency over every order. GPS Tracking gives contractors and material producers validation to trust their haulers and verify they get what they pay for. Customers can ensure haulers are staying on the job and that they take the appropriate route. While haulers can rest assured that they are getting paid for every minute they earn.

gps tracker for dump trucks


TRUX Fleet Management Tracker for Contractors


Communication is Key

Being able to communicate is huge for logistics. The benefits of platform solutions are not limited to just GPS tracking. Enhanced communication through bulk communications tools allows all haulers on the job to receive key messaging about job site conditions - with the click of a button. Knowing which haulers are assigned to a job and where they are in their progress for the day is huge, communicating with them throughout the day is even better!

How Does TRUX Do It?

TRUX ensures that all haulers have active insurance, and can choose jobs that work for their schedules and truck types. We track haulers from the time they punch into a shift until the time they punch out. To ensure you are posting the most appealing jobs to the marketplace, make sure you include plenty of detail. To get the most accurate information, make sure you set appropriate geofences for your job. Own your own dump trucks? Check out our fleet management tools to dispatch your own trucks on TRUX and our trucking logistics software.

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