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Top 3 Reasons Why Dump Truck Cycle Time Affects Productivity

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If you want to get ahead and make productive decisions for your dump truck business, dump truck cycle times allow you to get a closer look at where your contracting or material producing business can become more productive.

TRUX cycle time analysis captures six data points for each load with a dispatch order, from taking the first load to site departure.

dump truck cycle times



Effects of Dump Truck Cycle Times on Project Productivity

Each of the 6 points tracked through TRUX cycle-time analysis are areas where dump trucks can experience variability. In the past, it has been impossible to pinpoint where delays occurred. Did the driver take a less efficient route? Was there a delay at the job site?

TRUX takes the guesswork out and allows you to identify where bottlenecks are occurring, so you can adjust in real-time - before the issues spreads.

dump truck cycle times


Planning Resources Ahead of Schedule

With cycle time, material producers can find a better balance for their resources by:

  • Identifying where bottlenecks occur before they become a problem
  • Determining if plants are "over- or under-trucked", and make adjustments to improve dispatch order efficiency and throughput
  • Identifying high-performing plants, truckers, and job sites to create best practices
  • Scheduling and dispatching smarter


TRUX Gives Real Data to Dump Truck Logistics

With cycle-time reporting, contractors and material producers have the tools to optimize their logistics and operations. Cycle time reporting helps streamline the project delivery process, making it possible to make sustainable outcomes. Every aspect of project delivery or material producing business is elevated for efficiency with our dump truck logistics platform.


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