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TRUX Brings Dump Truck Logistics Platform to Phoenix

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Waltham, Mass., January 30, 2019 - TRUX™, the first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics platform, announced today it is available in Metro Phoenix, marking the third launch in a major metropolitan area in the last few months. TRUX launched in Greater Los Angeles in early January and is planning a national rollout in over 45 additional markets this year. TRUX offers truckers, contractors and material providers a complete cloud-based dump truck management solution that includes automated dispatching, tracking, driver notification, paperless ticketing, and driver payment.

TRUX makes it possible for independent dump truck drivers to dictate their own schedules, giving them the freedom to pick the jobs they want and reduce their ‘deadhead’ - the expensive time spent driving with an empty truck. TRUX offers drivers access to group rates and discounts for insurance, maintenance, and parts. For contractors, TRUX provides access to thousands of available truckers to help add flexibility to their business operations. Currently, hundreds of the nation’s leading contractors use TRUX to dispatch thousands of third-party dump truck providers.

“We are excited to be launching the TRUX platform in the Southwest, a region that is experiencing a major construction boom,” said Jeff Gower, CEO of TRUX. “Our goal is to help drivers, contractors, and material producers run their operations more efficiently with tools like GPS tracking, real-time job notifications, and valuable data insights.”

TRUX increases the number of jobs that local Phoenix dump truck drivers gain access to, pays them faster, allows them to earn rewards, and save big through TRUX Chrome. Simultaneously, TRUX allows contractors to manage their fleet with more data and control. Contractors are able to scale up their fleet size for larger jobs through our
marketplace or more effectively manage their regular drivers.

To request a free demo or sign up for the TRUX platform, visit truxnow.com.

About TRUX
TRUX is a multisided platform providing a marketplace that connects truckers, contractors and material producers throughout North America. TRUX offers complete dump truck management solutions – we are the first and only company transforming the logistics of a $50B industry that has largely been left behind by technology. TRUX is creating a space in this market where we can positively impact the productivity of corporations, the personal lives of individual owner/operators and effect positive social change by reducing the carbon imprint in construction through smarter logistics.