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TRUX Launches in Houston and Dallas

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Waltham, Mass., February 26, 2019 - TRUX™, the first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics platform, announced today it is available in Houston and Dallas, marking the fourth and fifth metro market launches for the company in 2019. TRUX is a cloud-based dump truck management solution that offers truckers, contractors and material producers key features such as automated dispatching, tracking, driver notification, paperless ticketing, and driver payment.

TRUX is an open marketplace that offers available dump truck driving jobs in Houston and Dallas, Texas, and projects for independent dump truck drivers that they might not otherwise have access to. By using TRUX, drivers are empowered to select the best available jobs in their area. This gives them freedom to determine their own schedules, improve efficiency and reduce their time spent driving an empty truck. Built-in automation and management tools enable drivers to get paid weekly, far quicker than the market standard. Additionally, drivers save on essential items like maintenance and parts, through TRUX Chrome.

“Our first job with TRUX was better than I ever could have expected,” said Emily Hellard, owner, Hellard Trucking. “The dump trucks that filled our posting were great - very fast and professional. I would absolutely recommend TRUX to anyone looking for dump trucks.”

For contractors, TRUX adds flexibility and scalability to their business operations by providing hassle-free access to thousands of qualified drivers. Contractors can use the platform to instantly scale their fleets for larger jobs and more effectively manage and track their regular drivers. Additionally, the TRUX logistics platform provides deep insight into contractors’ fleets with usage data and real-time tracking.

Hundreds of the nation’s leading contractors use TRUX to dispatch thousands of third-party dump trucks. Most recently, TRUX launched in Greater Birmingham and Huntsville, Ala., as well as in greater Los Angeles and metro Phoenix earlier this year. The company has plans to expand into 40+ additional markets across North America in 2019.

To request a free demo or to sign up for TRUX, visit truxnow.com.

About TRUX

TRUX is a multi-sided platform providing an open marketplace that connects truckers, contractors, and material producers throughout North America. TRUX is transforming the logistics of a $50 billion industry that has largely been left behind by technology with a complete dump truck management solution. TRUX is creating a space in this market where it can positively impact the productivity of corporations, the personal lives of individual owner/operators, and effect positive social change by reducing the carbon imprint in construction through smarter logistics.