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What Does a Trucking Logistics Company Do?

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Growing your trucking business is no easy task, especially if you rely on manual or disjointed processes to capture data. So, how do logistics companies work? A trucking logistics company can supply you with up-to-date data across all channels of your business.

Key components of a logistics management system should include: digitization of company records, tracking tools, compliance management, and easily accessible data.


Bringing Focus Back to Business Growth

Effective logistics management software enables companies to pinpoint operational inefficiencies that can drain company resources over time. Leveraging a partnership between a trucking and logistics company brings your focus back to business growth. Here’s how:

Digitize and Automate Company Records
Outdated data tracking methods, like pen and paper, impede on operational efficiency. Using a digital platform to store invoices, adjustments, disputes, job costs, load slips and hours logged to a specific job site save you valuable time. Digitizing your records makes them more accessible. You can quickly and easily assess a full view of a specific job.
Real-time Tracking and Control

Another important feature that a trucking logistics company offers is the ability to track materials and job site progress. GPS technology tracks all activity of truckers assigned to a specific job.  If for any reason you find that a trucker is running late or has hit a snag on the road, you’ll be in the loop so you’re never blindsided by a change in scheduling.

Assure Compliance

Lastly, another issue that so many contractors face is staying compliant with insurance providers and keeping updated records of their fleets. A logistics company helps to keep all of your dump truck driver records and proof of insurance in one place. All records and reports are available online at any time.

Leverage Data

Your business likely already possesses the data needed to scale your business; however, you may not be able to access that data easily.  A trucking logistics company gives you actionable data you can use to streamline day-to-day operations and maximize your assets. Empowering you to bid on bigger projects or expand your geographical zone.

With the data a logistic company provides, allocating resources is easy and accessible. Some trucking logistics companies even offer advanced insights into your business, including recommendations to increase operational efficiency.


Is it time to turn to the experts?

If you want to grow your business by digitizing your records, employing tracking tools, streamlining compliance management, and easily accessing your data it may be time to turn to the pros. Companies like TRUX provide the tools you need to move your company forward with modern technology.

TRUX is transforming the logistics of a $50 billion industry that has largely been left behind by technology with a complete dump truck logistics platform and management solution. TRUX is positively impacting the productivity of corporations and the personal lives of individual owner/operators through smarter logistics with our trucking logistics software.