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A free way to get dump trucks on demand

Your heavy or highway construction business runs on dump trucks. But the process of finding, dispatching, and managing scores of dump trucks – day-in and day-out – is anything but efficient.

Chasing down and lining up truckers by phone is time-consuming and resource- intensive. Tracking and controlling dump trucks in real time is nearly impossible. Maintaining compliance is an administrative burden. And you have no way of effectively analyzing your cost and performance data.

The result is massively inefficient operations, costly job delays due to shortages of trucks, reduced profitability, and limitations on your growth.

TRUX’s dump truck software changes all that with a solution that’s free, simple to use, and requires no hardware. Just go to our hosted portal, create a list of your favorite truckers, enter some basic job information, click on “Place Order” – and you’re done.

TRUX takes care of the rest – including driver invoicing and payment. Best of all, you stay in complete control in real time.


Never run short on trucks again

Whether you’re a site civil contractor, or a heavy highway contractor, to get the job done, you need a reliable fleet of dump trucks to pick up loads of asphalt, sand, gravel, and stone and deliver them to the job site in an efficient and coordinated fashion.

TRUX’s logistics management software makes it possible. Our cloud-based platform provides you with immediate access to a broader range of pre-qualified, proven and reliable dump truck drivers ready to take on your jobs at the rate you set.

But getting dump trucks on demand is only the beginning. TRUX automates the entire process of managing and paying dump truck drivers, too. That includes:

Free real-time tracking and control of the dump trucks you dispatch. From the moment you place your order, each dump truck’s location appears via GPS on the TRUX map on your browser. You never have to wonder where trucks are or pay for a tracking service.

Driver communications. On the day of the job, we remind truckers when and where to go and help them contact you if anything unexpected comes up.

Automated punch-in and punch-out. Dump truck drivers punch in, punch out, and save load slips using the TRUX smartphone app. All this information becomes instantly available to you via the contractor portal.

Zero paperwork. Say goodbye to your pencil and file cabinets. With TRUX, there are no paper forms to complete, track, and file. No job slips to fill out. No driver files or proof of insurance forms to organize and maintain by hand. Everything is done online via the TRUX platform, with all data captured and stored securely in the cloud.

Assured compliance. With TRUX keeping track of all your dump truck driver records – like proof of insurance – your risk of compliance issues is greatly reduced. All records and reports are available online at your fingertips for audit purposes.

Automated invoicing and payment. TRUX takes on all the responsibilities and recordkeeping associated with paying dump truck drivers. We use the data in the system to autofill the certified payroll paperwork, which is promptly e-signed by each trucker and uploaded to the portal where you can view it immediately. We take care of all invoicing and payments for trucks hired via TRUX, billing you after the work is completed and paying drivers on time.

With TRUX, you’ll never run short on trucks – or patience – again.


The power of greater efficiency and visibility

Dispatching and managing dump trucks, handling paperwork, and processing payments has traditionally been labor-intensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

By automating all of these tasks, TRUX reduces your resource requirements significantly, bringing new levels of efficiency and productivity to your organization.

But greater efficiency is only one way that TRUX helps you optimize your operations. There’s more:

Real-time tracking and control. With TRUX, you never have to waste time trying to find out where trucks are or chase them down by phone when plans change. You can track dump trucks in real time via GPS, maintaining complete visibility and control at all times from the contractor portal.

Increased data access. TRUX captures and organizes all of your DTVC data, giving you enhanced, real-time access to all your cost and performance information. You gain the business intelligence you need to make better use of construction logistics software and further optimize your operations.

The more you use TRUX over time, the more empowered you are to move your business forward, confidently and efficiently.


Better informed is better equipped

Much of the data pertaining to your business operations is trapped within paper records and inaccessible for review, reporting, and analysis. This prevents you from getting a complete picture of your business, its challenges, and opportunities.

Because TRUX gives you that data – in real time – you can stay on top of your daily operations better and make better-informed decisions.

But there’s more. With the enhanced business data that TRUX provides, you have the power to more accurately estimate – and win – new projects.


Expand your horizons

For years, your business growth has been hampered by the challenges of finding and managing adequate numbers of dump trucks, and a shortage of actionable business information.

TRUX removes each of these obstacles, giving newfound freedom to pursue new business opportunities. With TRUX, you can:

Bid on projects farther from your home base. With the access that TRUX provides to a larger pool of dump trucks in other areas, you can confidently bid on projects and know you’ll have the trucks you need – and the prequalified, proven drivers to operate them – right at your fingertips.

Bid on bigger projects. In the past, you may have shied away from taking on jobs that were beyond your comfort zone. With all the work associated with finding, dispatching, and managing a large fleet of dump trucks, you couldn’t be completely confident that it was manageable. But because TRUX vastly simplifies the work required to hire, management, and pay dump truck drivers, you can now bid on, win, and successfully manage much larger projects.


TRUX connects truckers, contractors and material producers throughout North America by offering complete dump truck management – including automated dispatching, driver tracking, notifications, paperless ticketing and driver payment, as well as deep insights into the dump truck ecosystem. Check out the videos below to learn more.

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