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Looking for Dump Truck Work? Tips That No One Is Talking About

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There are many ways you can find local dump truck driving jobs. If you’re interested in how to find local dump truck jobs, head on over to our article “How to Find Local Dump Truck Work.” In this article, we’re diving deeper into how trucking logistics platform software helps you find local dump truck jobs faster.

Knock on Doors 

For starters, you could take the reins and go out to find your own jobs. You can put trucks to work if you hit the pavement and set it all up. Go to your local sand pit, gravel pit, asphalt plant, or mine. Ask who’s who and who’s hiring. 

Getting work directly from contractors or even material producers is a matter of making calls, knocking on doors till you find someone looking for trucks. While this is a low-cost way to get your name out there, be prepared that it may take a while to build your business.


Place a Bid

Bidding on projects is tricky. You could wait for someone to look for you, or you could place a bid on a job posting. If the contractor accepts the bid, you get the job. There are different types of projects you can bid on, such as private work, government contracts, and subcontracts.

1. Private Work

You may need to do some digging on your own to look for jobs to bid on. Individual contractors will need dump trucks just like larger companies. You can haul dirt, or bring landscaping rocks to a job site just to name a few examples. Some trucking tips to help you in your search:

  • Consider your rate versus other’s in your area
  • Create business cards & leave them everywhere you go
  • Create a website or get active on social media channels
  • Use social media advertising to expand your reach

On the other hand, you can also reach out to non-government contractors who own construction, landscaping, snow removal or waste removal companies. See your dump truck as an asset to their business - they’ll need all the help they can get to haul mulch, dirt, rocks, and even spreading salt on icy roads. 

 2. Government Contracts

States often have websites where you can view all bids. You may need to team up with another company who’s got a couple of trucks already. The more trucks you have, the more likely the city will consider you. It all depends on the bid and the job. For example, some government projects are large. They’re given to those who have an entire fleet. Other jobs may be smaller - these can be granted to individuals. 

 3. Subcontracting

There are ways you can get government experience without having to win a government bid. In creating relationships with contractors who are awarded large state government bids, you can start to gain experience and get your foot in the door. Some trucking tips to keep in mind:

  • Make an appointment to visit the contractor in person with a portfolio
  • Frame your services in a way that will show your contractor how you can help reach deadlines. 
  • Contractors are under pressure to get the job done - you’ll want to show that you stand apart from the crowd, references from people you have worked for previously can go a long way.

Even if you don’t land the job right away, at least you are building connections in the community. You can keep building your reputation until you do land a bid.

If you’re reliable, contractors will reach out to you when they need last-minute help. Keep your truck in good condition. At the beginning of your career, you’ll need to be available for last-minute work or night work. Contractors will see you as the hero who came to the rescue.


Logistics Management Software Makes Finding Dump Truck Work a Breeze

Some advantages of onboarding your business in logistics management software include:

  • Freedom to view and accept the jobs you want

With a logistics management platform, not only is it possible to view jobs in your location but you can accept them in real-time. That way, if you have extra time on your hands, you can take up extra work. 

  • Getting payments weekly via Direct Deposit

Most trucking companies will give you your payment within 60 days. With logistics management software, you can get your payment in the bank weekly. 

  • Viewing all your invoices automatically, in one place

Invoicing via a logistics management software becomes a breeze. You can look at an invoice over the course of a day, rather than per company instantly.