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How to Find Local Dump Truck Driving Jobs

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There are many tools you can use to find the right local dump truck driving jobs. In this article, we’ve highlighted some tools and recommended steps for you to take your business to the next level.

1. Build a Client Base

You may have already collected contacts at a previous company you’ve worked for. Use those contacts as well as connecting with local construction companies, contractors and truck companies. Put the word out that you are in business as a dump-truck owner/operator. Some things to think about to entice customers:

  • Mail out fliers
  • Offer services for free at natural disaster sites
  • Do the best job possible to build your reputation

2. Market Your Business

Bring attention to your trucking services in your community.

  • Create a website where new customers can educate themselves about your services
  • Highlight your web presence with a listing on Google Business
  • Build your social media channels and post content frequently
  • If you volunteer your services, make sure local news outlets know about the cause you are championing & your involvement
    • For example, you could paint your dump truck pink during breast cancer awareness month & donate a portion of profits to research

3. Do Your Own Market Research

Contractors in your area will offer a variety of price points for different types of work, unfortunately, those numbers are often hard to find. However, there are new technological tools that can help dump truck owners see a variety of jobs available in their area. If you are looking to make sure you fill your schedule with the best jobs available, tools like TRUX can come in handy. You will be able to see all jobs available (including rates) so you decide which price point, geography, and type of work are best for your growing business.


4. Attract a New Customer Base

The only way for your business to grow is to attract new customers. Make sure to interact and build your network at each new job site is hugely important. Something as simple as showing up on time goes a long way towards getting on someone’s favorite list. Keeping your trucks in optimal condition conveys you care about your business and stand behind your work.  

And if you’re still looking for more customers, technology like TRUX is another solution. TRUX makes it easy for you to find jobs quickly. TRUX brings you an all-inclusive solution including job alerts, showing you open jobs based on your qualifications and location, as well as pay rates.