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4 Common Myths About Dump Truck Training

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Although you might think you know everything about dump truck training, some of these conceptions are taken as facts. After you learn to drive a dump truck, you might think it’s easier landing dump truck jobs. There are a couple of steps you need to take after like obtaining your CDL before you can hit the road. And most trucking companies want truckers who have real-world experience. It all depends on how you build up your work experience. 

In this article, we’re highlighting a few key “myths” around dump truck training. We also offer tips on how you should go about getting trained and licensed for driving a dump truck.

Myth #1: It’s expensive

Most people might think since dump trucks and dump truck equipment is expensive, so is the training. That’s not exactly the case. Depending on the program you’re interested in, dump truck training starts at $3,000 and can go up to $7,000 for the entire program. (That’s at least 11 times cheaper than most vocational schools.)

Plus, even if you can’t pay for your training upfront, you can always fund your training. You don’t have to take out a ridiculous student loan or settle on monthly credit payments to make this happen. Take a look at some of these options that allow you to fund your dump truck training:

  • Find Paid CDL Training
  • Take Advantage of Financial Aid
    • VA Education Benefits
    • Scholarships
    • Private Grants
    • Federal Grants

Myth #2: It takes a long time to complete

Depending on the location and the school, most dump truck driving training courses can take anywhere from 3-7 weeks. If you’re training at a dump truck driving school, the program can take a couple of months. Once you’ve completed your training, oftentimes you’re given a chance to take a CDL test. It’s only after you pass the test, you can obtain your license.

Myth #3: I’ll need a dump truck before I can go to school

Most dump truck driving schools offer trucks to drive while on their programs. It may be a while before you land your first real dump truck driving job. And most trucking companies won’t hire truckers who are just coming out of school. Many dump truck drivers start out working for another company because it can provide a solid introduction to the industry, contacts, and a steady stream of income. However, if you have the desire and a financial situation that allows you to purchase a dump truck fresh out of school, it can provide you with more flexible scheduling options and the potential for higher earnings. Tools like TRUX are making it easier than it has ever been to hit the ground running because you have access to jobs available from top contractors in your area.

Myth #4: I’ll need a Class A CDL before I can drive a dump truck

While most dump trucks require a Class A CDL, you can get a Class B CDL and still drive dump trucks with small trailers to get you started. This is a great way to dip your feet into dump truck experience and gain an understanding of how the dump truck industry works. And, if you feel like you’re ready to step up, you can invest in getting a Class A CDL.

Dump truck training happens fast, and the road to getting your CDL takes about one week after Class B Training and 3-7 weeks after Class A Training

And, when you’re all set up in your training, check out our blog post “How to Find Local Dump Truck Driving Jobs” to put your skills to use!

Job Opportunities at Your Finger Tips

Trux makes it possible for you not only to find work but to build your skillset and your business as a new dump truck owner. We hear from truckers all the time that use Trux to grow their business and gain experience. Some of the jobs posted to our platform even offer training to newer drivers. For example,  some of the asphalt work we have seen posted this season offers drivers that don’t have experience with paving the opportunity to have a trainer with them the first night on the job.

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