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How to Evaluate the Best Construction Scheduling Software

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When it comes to construction project management, contractors that rely on trucking know that things can get complicated, fast. There are countless factors to consider and arrange: coordinating sub-contractors, registering change orders, scheduling trucks to haul materials to and from the worksite - the list goes on and on. 

While trucking logistics may not be the first item on contractors to-do lists, it can take up far too much time and labor. From the hours of phone calls required to find available trucks, to the stack of paperwork necessary to handle payroll and compliance, the traditional method for scheduling trucks is often a resource-intensive burden.

Using a high-powered logistics management system can cut down on the time it takes to find and manage all haulers on your jobs. Below, we give you a rundown of the best construction scheduling software programs currently available and examine how contractor management software can make this critical part of your projects easier to manage.

HCSS Trucking

HCSS is known for its suite of construction management software, particularly its Heavy Job program. The company has created HCSS Trucking to use with Heavy Job, which allows heavy civil project managers to schedule and manage their company-owned trucks. Utilizing their Heavy Job and HCSS Trucking allows construction companies the ability to manage their internal fleet, eliminate paper tickets, digitize payroll for their employees, and automate documentation of dumping and loading events.

The HCSS construction software for contractors certainly streamlines the management of your project hauling jobs, but you're still on your own when it comes to finding vendors to work with. This means that you still have to devote a significant amount of time to identifying local haulers and making numerous phone calls.


RuckIT is a Software-as-a-Service solution that serves ashpalt and paving companies, aggregate producers, general contractors, and trucking companies. RuckIT provides contractors scheduling software to manage haulers on their jobs. They emphasize their driver scheduling, truck tracking and ticket digitization capabilities.

If you are looking for a solution with a built-in hauler network or "marketplace" RuckIT may not be the right fit for your business. As of right now, RuckIt's solution does not offer a robust "marketplace" of haulers. If you want to be able to send your jobs out to local truckers and have automated payment management, you'll have to go elsewhere. 


TRUX is a comprehensive logistics management program that gives you the ability to automatically connect with available truckers in your area, providing you the ability to find hired haulers quickly and allowing haulers to have control of their schedule. Routes are tracked, truck performance is monitored, deliveries and loads are digitally registered, and driving time is logged down to the minute. TRUX further automates the haul hiring process by digitizing all compliance and payment documentation. It's the all-in-one solution that removes all the hurdles that are normally present in managing your haulers. 

The TRUX construction scheduling and trucking logistics software maintains a full ecosystem of third-party truckers that are ready to take on jobs. Instead of having to find a hauler yourself, you can schedule work on the TRUX Marketplace and watch qualified haulers in your area accept. When you identify a great new hauler in your area, you can even add them to a list of favorites and send out your jobs to them first. And if you have your own trucks to manage? They can all be registered, dispatched, and monitored in the same contractor scheduling software system. 

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