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What New Technology in Logistics Means for Dump Trucks

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The dump truck industry never faces a dull moment. Some of the latest excitement centers around innovations in trucking logistics. If you are looking for a detailed view of where the industry is headed, check out our blog post, “What Does a Trucking Logistics Company Do?” In this article, we will take a look at some specific features that tech tools employ to make your job easier. These new technology features in the logistics industry include digitizing and automating company records, using real-time tracking, assuring compliance, and leveraging data.

Digitize and Automate Company Records

We already know that tracking methods using pen and paper hinder on operational efficiency. How can the latest technology in the logistics industry like digital platforms help?


With a digital platform like TRUX, invoicing, adjustments and disputes are all handled electronically. TRUX creates automated digital invoices that show you in a glance all hours worked for a specific job. Notice a discrepancy? Log it in right through the app. Tools like TRUX make viewing and printing load slips a breeze.


Real-time tracking

Another important feature that logistics platforms offer is the ability to track material and job progress.

GPS technology within the platform tracks the activity of all truckers assigned to a job. If a trucker is running late due to unforeseen circumstances, you’ll be the first one brought up to speed.


Assure Compliance

Many contractors face challenges in staying compliant. The more drivers you need to run your operations, the more you need a way to ensure all trucks are up-to-date on insurance. To qualify to use our truck technology, drivers must be insured and maintain their policy to accept jobs. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about tracking your third-party logistics compliance, because tools like TRUX do it for you.


Leverage Data

Mobile platforms give you actionable data you can use on day-to-day operations.

You can use data like cycle-time reporting to maximize your assets. Mobile platforms allow you to access your data more quickly, empowering you to take on bigger projects and optimize or expand your fleet.

Take a look at this video to learn how TRUX allows you to leverage your data.


Turn to the Logistics Experts

To sum up, trucking logistics platforms are building the tools you need to maximize your business so you can focus on growth. With tools like TRUX, you can spend less time on data entry and more time on optimizing or scaling your business. If you are interested in our solutions for automating, digitizing, tracking, maintaining compliance, or leveraging data we are only a phone call away.