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There are many dispatch software companies available today, most offer more than just a simple dispatching service and provide tools to help manage your business. Each program operates differently and it is important to understand how a solution can solve specific pain points for your business, before signing on.

If you are in the long-haul trucking industry, there are a multitude of options available specifically designed for your needs. You can see a great selection of the best dispatch software for LTL trucking here. However, if you are in the short-haul or vocation trucking industry there aren’t as many options specifically designed with you in mind. Many of your needs are the same: you want the ability to dispatch more effectively, communicate with drivers in real-time, track activity, and get analytics to help you run your business more efficiently. But you have a host of unique challenges as well, like needing to reorder shifts for longer-term projects, having to make last-minute changes because of weather, or finding overflow trucking.

In this article, we will explore some of the standard features you should expect as a contractor looking for trucking and construction dispatching software and some unique features that will significantly boost the return on your investment.

Ease of Dispatching

Without dispatching software in place, you rely on manual processes to get the right volume of trucks to the job site and coordinate which trucks are supposed to work on a given day. You are also likely spending most of your day on the phone confirming trucks are where they need to be. This is time-consuming, frustrating, and often leads to breakdowns in communication that can have large impacts on the overall job, costing you time and money.

Going Mobile

With a dispatching software solution in place, your life should get easier and your trucking should become more efficient. These changes can happen rather quickly. The first big win is that you should be able to dispatch from anywhere. The best dispatch software allows you to work from the office or on the go.

Get The Job Done in Less Time

Dispatch software should help your team get their work done in less time. Instead of spending hours calling and texting haulers to get a schedule lined up, simply click a few buttons to request the trucks you need, and watch drivers accept the work. Cutting out the need for phone calls and text messages gives dispatchers more time to focus on all the other work they need to get done.

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One of the biggest challenges, unique to the construction industry, is the need to re-order jobs. As you evaluate your options, be sure to ask whether the construction dispatching software allows for bulk reordering making it much easier to manage long-term projects with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Tracking Is A Must

Real-time tracking is a key component of any trucking dispatch software. You need to reliably know where your trucks are at any moment in time. This helps build confidence in your drivers, builds better relationships with hauling companies you utilize regularly, and gives you visibility into progress on jobs throughout the day. The best dump truck dispatch software allows you to see what is happening at the moment and provides historical information you can view at the end of a day or week.

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To further evaluate the best option for your needs, consider whether the tracking solutions require any installed hardware. This can be an added cost and potentially a logistical nightmare unless you can get a device for each vehicle you utilize. There are newer dispatch software options that only require a mobile device, giving you and your team more control over trucking visibility.

Access More Dump Trucks When You Need Them

The biggest differentiator for dispatch software is whether they can connect you with the trucking you need when you need it. Many contractors own their own dump trucks and have a reliable list of haulers they work with regularly. However, what happens when you need more dump trucks to finish the job at hand?

TRUX offers all the standard features you expect from a top tier dispatch software and the added benefit of access to the nation’s largest technology-enabled dump truck network. When your projects need additional dump trucks you can schedule work and haulers from the Marketplace can claim your work. When you work with haulers from the marketplace, you get all the benefits you do with your own trucks, the assurance that haulers have been vetted, plus TRUX handles the hauler payments and sends you one streamlined invoice for all hired trucking.

If your project schedule is light, you can also make your trucks available for Marketplace work. Ensuring your trucks are always making you money!

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We hope this article has provided you with some valuable information as you select dispatch software for your construction company. If you are looking for a solution that provides you with easy dispatching tools, mobile functionality, tracking, and access to additional dump trucks TRUX is a trusted partner for hundreds of contractors across the USA. Connect with one of our logistics experts today!