Dispatch Software for Material Producers

Maximize plant and delivery efficiency. Get and dispatch more trucks.
Logistics management software with an example of a dashboard
Logistics management software preview

Find and dispatch trucks

  • Find additional trucks from the TRUX Marketplace when you need them
  • Drag and drop hauler dispatching
  • Dispatch to your favorite haulers
  • Reassign haulers to different jobs throughout the day
Logistics management software preview of active order management

Active order management

  • Assign haulers to orders based on their actual utilization and capacity
  • Monitor order progress in real-time, adjust as necessary throughout the day
  • View trucker cycle times for all loads
Logistics management software preview of tracking and cycle time

Tracking and cycle time analytics

  • Track company-owned and third-party truckers on the clock
  • View truck location, route, current traffic conditions, load status, and more
  • Monitor cycle time for plant, transit, job site, and full load
Logistics management software preview compliance guaranteed

Compliance guaranteed

  • Rest assured that the haulers who complete your jobs are compliant
  • We require and verify that all haulers have a valid CDL and up to date COI

Trust but verify

  • Digital access to all documents associated with your jobs, including load tickets, payroll, invoices, and earnings.
  • Verify all hauler routes with timestamps included in real-time or historically.
  • Daily scale-ticket summary emails to reduce the time needed to reconcile deliveries with invoices

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Manage Your Orders with Ease

TRUX dispatching software provides your dispatchers with the latest drag and drop technology to manage all orders with ease. TRUX enables your dispatchers to manage the all your hauling with increased insight and better tools, creating a more productive environment.

Communicate with your customers

Give your customers the power to track every load and every truck on it’s way to the job site throughout the duration of their order. Cut down on the number of back-and-forth calls between the job site and your dispatchers.

Visibility Beyond the Dispatch Office Doors

With TRUX, dispatchers can monitor progress in real-time for any company owned dump trucks or hired haulers. Accurate in the moment cycle-times, truck locations, route information, and load status are all at the fingertips of your dispatchers.

Hear from our customers

Our partnership with TRUX over the past 2 years has allowed my team to vastly improve our trucking operations. TRUX gives us the ability to efficiently manage our fleet, get additional dump trucks when we need them, monitor performance, get digital copies of our tickets and gain access to cost data in real-time. TRUX has helped provide quality control over our trucking operations so we can deliver on our commitments to our clients.

Michael Musto, CEO & President, U.S. Pavement Services

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