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Delivery Tracking and Project Productivity

A Trux Infographic

Delivery Tracker Infographic Header

Your customers demand delivery transparency. 

When was the last time you ordered something, like a package from Amazon or a pizza from Domino’s, without the ability to track it from the time you placed the order until it was delivered to your door?

As a consumer, being able to track ANY order, regardless of the industry, has become the baseline expectation. And while material delivery is far more complicated than pizza delivery, that doesn’t change this expectation. Your customers expect this kind of transparency in all facets of their work and personal lives.

That’s where Trux comes in

Which Experience Would You Prefer


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Delight your customers

Arm your customers with the tools they need to monitor the progress of their delivery and increase job site productivity.


Looking to deliver a differentiated customer experience?? 

Give your customers the ability to track their deliveries and improve project productivity with Trux.