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Need Dump Trucks? Here's How To Find Trucks for Sale.

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Are you wondering how to find trucks? If you are a contractor and work in civil construction, do demolition work, excavation work, or paving your business relies on dump trucks. Many companies own a few of their own dump trucks but largely, the industry relies on hired trucking. That means that every bid you win relies on finding quality dump trucks for sale, at the right price to get the job done.

Put the Telephone Down

For decades, the construction industry has relied on filling their trucking needs by picking up the telephone and making call after call. Manual processes, like taking out the old rolodex and dialing the phone, take time - lots of time. What if you could reach your favorite haulers, plus hundreds of additional haulers with the click of a button?

Utilizing the latest technology doesn’t mean you have to damage existing relationships. Tools like TRUX allow you to schedule work through an app and instantly reach your favorite haulers, plus the nation’s largest network of dump truck haulers.


Schedule Your Upcoming Jobs & Watch Dump Trucks Come To You

Tools like TRUX's trucking logistics platform are making it easy for contractors to schedule their upcoming work. Easily specify what types of trucks you need, quantity by truck type, note any specific special instructions, and set a pay rate.








Once you schedule your trucking order, your job is sent to all trucks that match the needs of the job in your area.


View Progress Like Never Before

Thanks to the latest in GPS technology and geofencing, tools like TRUX are able to track any company trucks on the job, along with all hired hauling. Allowing contractors access to visuals of the day’s work. Easily locate the plant location, job site and the route trucks took during the day.


Whether you are working with your favorite haulers or haulers you have never worked for, this is a great tool to ensure the most efficient routes were taken throughout the shift.


Did We Mention? Haulers Love Us Too.

With the nation’s largest network of haulers, it is no wonder that TRUX is loved by haulers all over the country. Why do haulers love us? We give them access to jobs they might not otherwise know about, we pay them weekly (yes, you heard that right), and we take care of the invoicing. That’s right, when you schedule work through TRUX we will create one hauling invoice per week, broken down by jobs. No more sorting through paper files or wondering in every hauler has submitted their invoices.