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Need Better Dump Truck Management? Here are the Top 4 Tips.

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Technology is changing the way we navigate, dispatch and haul in construction. These days you need software to help you get your work done, else running the risk of falling behind your competitors. Keep up to speed with your dump truck management by allowing a platform to handle your logistics.

Software allows contractors to:


Transparency In Your Daily Operations

You need third-party and/or company-owned trucks, period. But it’s impossible to gain insight into their activity without the right tools. GPS Tracking allows you to gain access to the progress your trucks have made throughout the day, in real-time. Creating transparency in real-time allows you to improve operations.

With GPS tracking, both company-owned and hired trucking can be tracked in one platform. This allows you to have a dump truck management system that meets the needs of both.

TRUX offers contractors access to a marketplace of haulers to scale your fleet for larger jobs. This enables you to get daily insight through GPS Tracking on third-party haulers, and visibility into job site operations. Plus, you can feel confident you can take on larger projects more frequently.


dump truck management

TRUX GPS Tracking


Make Scalability Happen

Work is difficult to predict, especially in construction. Weather, seasonality, and a host of other issues impact your day-to-day operations. Wouldn’t it be great if your fleet could scale according to your workflow? Software makes scalability possible, by finding the trucks you need fast. Dump truck management has never been easier.

TRUX allows you to hire trucks when you need them. Plus when you don’t have work to fill, you can even put your trucks on the marketplace to help them find work.


Automate Invoicing

Not only do you have to keep track of compliance, but you most likely have to keep track of all hired trucking and payout multiple invoices per job.


dump truck management

TRUX Invoice

Pay Drivers Quickly

Right now, most third party truckers need to wait 60-90 days to get paid. Many truckers feel this hasn’t changed in the past 30 years.

Because you have to wait a long time to receive your payments, you don’t have access to your working capital. This makes it harder to pay for things like tires and inspection in a timely matter, so oftentimes, you have to tackle these expenses reactively.

With weekly payments, you can get your hands on your working capital quicker. You can proactively manage your day-to-day operations. Bringing you your pay quickly establishes better, more fluid cash flow.


Platforms Boost Overall Productivity

TRUX makes dump truck management feasible. Finding dependable and compliant third party or company-owned dump trucks isn’t always easy. Turn to technology like dump truck management software to boost your productivity.

Contact Ben Crago at bcrago@truxnow.com or call at (617) 616-2623 to learn more about what TRUX can do for your dump truck management.