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Contractors, Are You Tired of Talking About Dump Trucks?

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Here at TRUX, we talk to contractors across the country, every single day. In our experience, hired hauling is not exactly a favorite topic for most of the contractors we talk to. Which is a shame, because we LOVE talking about dump trucks. Maybe we love dump trucks so much because we haven’t been dealing with the headache of finding dump trucks for decades. Not to mention, figuring out whether all the hired haulers made it to the job site, answering the phone all times of day and night, dealing with paying hired haulers, or worse collecting hauling invoices after you have already closed out your purchase order or project. Instead, we have been focused on creating solutions to these common problems contractors face everyday. If we can’t make you love dump trucks as much as we do, we hope we can make it easier for you and your team to manage hired hauling.

How Many Loads Were Delivered Today?

Have you ever had a foreman, hauler, and loader operator all come back with different load counts at the end of the day? With the contractors we talk to, this is a common problem and until now there hasn’t been a good way to verify what the real number is. With a tech solution, that all changes. Not only can you see how many loads were delivered but you can see what time the drivers punched in and punched out of their shift and what routes they took to get to the job site. We believe in giving you the tools to manage performance and have more productive conversations with haulers.



Stop Answering the Phone, Open an App Instead

Group text messages and endless phone calls make it very difficult to keep track of hired hauling. The constant need to ensure appropriate trucking levels is far more than a full-time job. What if you could gain even an hour of your time back per day? That is what technology platforms, like TRUX, can provide. With new technology, you can schedule your work online. Specify what types of trucks you need, how many of them you need, and how many hours you expect them to work - click a button and watch the dump trucks come to you. TRUX has the nation’s largest network of dump trucks, ready to work. Not only can technology help you find the right haulers, it can also help you communicate with them. Once a hauler has accepted a shift, if there are any changes to the job or a change in weather causes a delay, you can message all haulers scheduled to work with a single click.

Make Your Accounting Team Happy with One Weekly Invoice For ALL Hired Hauling

When we built our technology, we thought of the team in the office too. We understand how labor-intensive trying to collect and organize all the paperwork that comes through the office. Hired hauling is only one portion of what they have to sort through but it is often one with the most headaches surrounding it. That is because it relies on the driver turning in all his slips to the fleet owner, the fleet owner creating an invoice, and sending that invoice to your team. What happens when the driver forgets to turn in his slips or misses one? It causes huge headaches down the line that put your razor-thin margins in jeopardy.

What if all your hired hauling was invoiced weekly in one document? TRUX helps take the risk out of hired hauling, you know your hauling costs in real-time and have digital documentation available to ensure you get what you pay for.

Trusted Resource for Contractors and Haulers

Remember when we said we love haulers? We mean it - and they love us too. We offer the nation’s largest network of dump truck drivers. Haulers keep coming back to TRUX because we offer them weekly pay, allow them to control their schedules, and help them improve utilization by offering more jobs available in their area.

If you are interested in getting started with a logistics management solution, check out TRUX today. Schedule a quick call with one of our local logistics experts or stay tuned for more updates by clicking the button below.