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2022 Insights

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2022 was another incredibly busy year at Trux. But you already knew that, because you were a critical part of it! We are already hard at work in 2023, but before we move forward, we wanted to pause and take a quick look back at all we accomplished together.

Hauler Growth

It has become a familiar refrain, but it still holds true - drivers of all types are in short supply, which is putting some strain on anything and everything that requires trucking. That’s why we continue to focus on adding more approved haulers each year. And 2022 was no exception.

Why are we so focused on adding more haulers year-over-year? In short, there’s more and more work available for them.

Expertise In Demand

Trux has haulers in all 50 US states plus DC. And that’s a good thing, because there was more work available on the Trux Marketplace than ever before in 2022 - more than double the amount of work on the Marketplace just 2 years ago.

Trux Platform Growth

The pandemic accelerated digital transformation in many industries, and dump trucking was certainly no exception. One clear example was the adoption of E-Ticketing. But the additional capacity, efficiency, and customer experience benefits of using a logistics platform all contributed to significant and continued growth in activity on the Trux platform.

A Busy Back Office

All this work resulted in a lot of weekly payments made to haulers and consolidated invoices sent to the contractors and material producers who needed their services.

Thanks for joining us on the journey. Here’s to a busy 2023!!

2022 Year In Trux


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