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2023 Insights

2023 Trux Insights Header

2023 was another busy year at Trux thanks to the work of all of our hauler, contractor, aggregate, and asphalt customers. As we do every year at this time, let's take a quick look back at all we accomplished together.

Hauler Growth and Activity

We passed the 50,000 verified hauler mark in the first quarter of 2023. There are now over 58,000 haulers on the Trux platform with an average of 30 new haulers taking their first shift every day (up 50% from 2022)! And Trux is a regular part of their work routine with daily, weekly, and monthly active Trux Drive users up 12.5%, 12.3%, and 33.3% respectively.

A Focused Back Office

The average Trux Find customer sourced 30 haulers from 22 different hauling companies from the Trux Marketplace. Normally, this would mean a LOT of work tracking down paper tickets and processing payment from so many different 3rd-party entities. But because Trux pays haulers directly and creates one, consolidated invoice no matter how many haulers are used, our customers remained focused on keeping projects on schedule and winning new business rather than on processing and reconciling payments.

Delivering Even More Material

Over 62 M tons and 2.9 M loads were processed through Trux Deliver.  And the Trux Delivery Tracker has been sent to almost 107 K recipients. Our customers' are enabling THEIR customers to track their material deliveries throughout the day leading to a more efficient, productive, and safe job site.

Thanks for joining us on the journey, and here’s to a busy 2024!!

Trux 2023 Insights


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