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Why Should Fleet Owners Care About Fleet Maintenance?

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If you want to expand your business, fleet maintenance is key in reducing vehicle operating costs, maintaining vehicle resale value and complying with regulations. To do this effectively, you need to think critically about the value of your trucks and truckers. Look at your fleet through a holistic lens and consider tools like technology to help run your fleet more efficiently.

Reducing Operational Costs

From trucks, fuel, maintenance, and payments, you want to make sure your business is getting the most bang for the buck. To make this happen you will need to create a plan that includes reducing the cost of vehicle recovery, emergency repairs, and unnecessary part replacements. TRUX Chrome offers loyalty and safety programs to help mitigate costs like fuel and tires.

Technology helps you strategize your costs of maintenance with tools like:

  • Telematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Notifications for insurance and safety repair needs

Telematic Systems

Telematics tools give you real-time data on fuel consumption, maintenance reports, repairs, and driver downtime. GPS Tracking gives more specific data needed to determine how fast a truck is traveling and how many trucks need to complete a project. Tools like TRUX, utilize GPS tracking to help you manage your business from the palm of your hand, providing real-time tracking and data.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence also helps you reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance. Looking at engine speed, engine oil temperature and engine coolant temperature are all capabilities of AI. If you know what’s happening outside of normal patterns, you can increase efficiency.

TRUX is using data to give transparency to fleet owners. TRUX can measure the time a truck arrives and leaves a job site. TRUX also leverages data to help route trucks to maximize time driving with a full load and align you with jobs close by, putting less stress on your fleet.


Fleet Management Softwares

Fleet management software helps pin-point excessive fuel consumption and helps you work toward better fuel economy. Fuel is another factor that can really make or break the maintenance of your dump truck. Well maintained trucks save fuel. If you regularly service and maintain your trucks, it will help to reduce overall fleet cost.


Maintaining Dump Truck Resale Value

Be sure to keep a running report on services, since future owners might want to see proof of how well the truck can operate. These reports show the condition of the bodywork. If it’s in great condition, your resale price will go up. Your leasing company will determine whether the conditions outlined in the contract were met. If they weren’t, your trucking business will have to pay additional charges to the leasing company.


Improving Trucker Management

Details like average trucker speed, routes traveled, choice of equipment, and delivery speed, often times slide under the rug. Telematics helps you get this information and more. By generating user profiles automatically, you can observe which drivers are meeting their key performance indicators (KPIs).


Complying with Safety Regulations

To ensure safety needs are met, fleet owners should mandate Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) is used, ensure that it’s data-driven, and analyze the behavior of truckers. That way, you know the best way to handle scheduling and assigning the right trucker to the right job, of course, if you are using a tool like TRUX - you will have some of that functionality built into your day-to-day operations.

TRUX: a Tool to Help Maintain Your Fleet

TRUX helps you take your business to the next level by combining fleet tracking, management, and maintenance. We’ll send you alerts straight to your phone to make sure you’re compliant, you’re well maintained, and you’re efficient. When you need new parts, use our bulk buying power to secure the best discounts through TRUX. Our platform is a one-stop solution for addressing maintenance needs.