TRUX is Built for Dump Truck Owners

TRUX knows that in today’s world you need to deliver more for clients than ever before. That’s why we created the technology that solves some of the industries toughest challenges.

TRUX for Dump Truck Owners

Dump Truck Contractors and Get Dump Truck Contracts

Get Paid Fast with TRUX

TRUX knows that owning a dump truck is an expensive undertaking. You work hard and it is often challenging to collect payment for the work you do. Waiting 60 or 90 days to get paid is a thing of the past. TRUX pays truckers the week after they perform a job via direct deposit.

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View All Available Work in the Job Screen

As an independent owner-operator or a fleet owner, you are constantly looking for ways to ensure your trucks are on the road, earning money. TRUX gives you access to all available jobs in your area and sends you notifications for work that matches your truck type(s).

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Automatic Digital Invoices

TRUX knows the process of invoicing contractors is labor intensive and tedious. Our app eliminates the need to invoice contractors directly, so you can focus on getting your trucks back on the road.

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TRUX Chrome Experience

As an independent owner-operator or fleet owner, it can be tough to secure the best pricing on insurance & financing for your small business. That’s why we created TRUX Chrome. We leverage our national network to secure you great pricing on health insurance, loans, truck parts and tires.

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GPS Tracking

With TRUX GPS tracking, you can assure your clients that drivers are on the way with the material they need to complete the job. Using TRUX technology gives dump truck owners the tools to provide world class service to their clients.

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TRUX for Dump Truck Owners

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Nope, as a dump truck owner it’s a completely free platform!

You’ll get paid weekly through direct deposits to your bank via ACH.

You must maintain a minimum insurance policy of 1 million CSL to take any jobs on the platform. Some contractors require you must maintain a minimum insurance policy of 1 million CSL to take any jobs on the platform. Some contractors require you must maintain a minimum insurance policy of 1 million in auto coverage, 1 million/1million/2 million general liability coverage, and a statutory worker’s compensation policy for their jobs.

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Download our easy to use app today and start earning more tomorrow! TRUX is available in the Apple Store and Google Play store, click the links below to download TRUX and become part of the nation’s largest dump truck technology network.

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Who is TRUX?

The TRUX team is a group of industry veterans, technology leaders, and hard-working innovators that believe owning a dump truck should be easier and more profitable.

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