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Finally, you’re in the driver’s seat

Driving dump trucks has always been a challenging way to make a living. Constantly scuffling to find more work. Unpredictable schedules. Unscrupulous contractors. Getting undercut by lowball competitors. Chasing overdue payments. Keeping up with the paperwork and bills.

TRUX’s dump truck software is here to help you make driving more rewarding, more professional – and a lot easier to love.

  • Get more work
  • Get paid faster
  • Save big on stuff like supplies and dump truck insurance
  • Earn valuable rewards as you drive

Climb into the cab, dump truck drivers. Finally, you’re in the driver’s seat.


Stay as busy as you want to be

Tired of chasing new jobs 24/7? Relax, you don’t have to anymore. TRUX brings the dump truck driving jobs directly to you – right on your mobile phone.

The TRUX truck driver app sends you notifications whenever jobs are available – and when you’re specifically requested by a contractor. All you need to do is accept the job, punch-in, and punch-out. Boom!

No more searching around for work. No more dump truck downtime. No more adding up time slips or sending invoices. We even autofill most of the certified payroll form for you, so all you need to do is review, e-sign, and click “submit.”

A week later, you get paid – right on time, every time.

Use TRUX to find more work and you’ll never find yourself wondering where your next job is going to come from.


Driving a dump truck just got a lot more rewarding

Being a successful dump truck driver is not just about what you earn – it’s about keeping costs down. Every buck you save on your expenses puts more money back in your pocket.

Saving truckers money is the point of our comprehensive TRUX Chrome program. It includes:

  • The TRUX Buyer’s Club that leverages the group-buying power of TRUX drivers to help you save big on dump truck maintenance, insurance, towing, parts, filters, and more.
  • TRUX Bucks: when you take jobs in the app, you earn TRUX Bucks right in your paycheck. No points, no games, just dollars. The more you do, the more you earn.

When you sign up with TRUX, you’re automatically enrolled in our TRUX Chrome program. So let the savings begin!


We’re building a growing community of top dump truck drivers

Dump truck driving has traditionally been a solitary profession. And while dump truck drivers cherish independence, you could really benefit from more opportunities to connect with your fellow drivers.

That’s why TRUX provides an online forum for dump truck drivers to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences. Just tap the button to:

  • Discuss issues and opportunities
  • Ask questions to your peers
  • Share information on weather, road conditions, and traffic
  • Take surveys to gain insights

Sure, you’re still a lone eagle. But when top dump truck drivers band together, the entire profession benefits. And TRUX is the best way for dump truck drivers to connect more.

TRUX Benefits

TRUX connects truckers, contractors and material producers throughout North America by offering complete dump truck management – including automated dispatching, driver tracking, notifications, paperless ticketing and driver payment, as well as deep insights into the dump truck ecosystem. Check out the videos below to learn more.

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