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What's Holding Back Dump Truck Driver Pay Scale?

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Driving a dump truck means hard work. Hard work doesn’t always equal great pay. So, how much do dump truck drivers get paid? Is it a good way to make a living?

There are a number of different career tracks you can pursue when you’re a truck driver. Unlike owner-operators and fleet owners, you don’t have to worry about juggling business expenses when you drive a truck for someone else. Some of those expenses include insurance, tires and gas.


The Nitty-Gritty

In 2019, the median yearly dump truck driver salary is $97,000. Entry-level positions start at about $31,200 per year and most experienced workers can earn up to $164,900 per year. The average truck driver hourly pay rate is $49.74.


Whats Holding Back Dump Truck Driver Pay Scale?


Sample states yearly and hourly pay rates

dump truck driver pay scale



This issue is more nuanced than looking at a chart with dump truck pay rates. It is often assumed that the contractor or material producer simply needs to raise their rates, but that isn’t always the answer. State regulations also play a role, especially with prevailing wage and DBE jobs.

Rates could rise if material producers and contractors were able to reduce delays at the plant or jobsite, allowing truckers to haul additional loads in a day.

Limiting the time your truck rolls on the road empty could also increase your net pay.


How Can You Make A Difference?

Construction workflow management software like TRUX helps contractors and material producers increase their productivity, allowing haulers to get more loads in per day. Of course, if you take on extra work, you’re making more money. TRUX also connects haulers with jobs in their area, from filling a night shift or hauling winter snow, TRUX will alert you to opportunities in your area.

TRUX connects highly qualified truckers with contractors who need dump trucks. TRUX not only gives dump truck drivers access to more work in their area, but they help take the “busy work” out of the equation, like:

  • Automatic Weekly Invoicing to Contractors
  • Digital Compliance

TRUX also goes a step farther by guarantees pay weekly via direct deposit so you get paid fast