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GPS tracking designed to grant control over dump truck costs

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The costs associated with using haulers on construction projects can be a sore spot for contractors. Even though hired hauling is only one line item, it can account for a significant amount of spend on the overall project. Hired hauling is also one of the most challenging costs to control. The good news is that there's a way to make it easier. By leveraging certain tech solutions, contractors can gain deeper insight into their hired hauling and lower their hauling expenses with key technology. 

Access to New Tech is Changing Construction for the Better

Drones, laser scanning, labor-enhancing exoskeletons - today, there seems to be a wealth of exciting new technologies in the construction industry. As the rate of advancement continues to grow, so too does the availability of solutions that can simplify problems contractors have dealt with for decades. 

GPS tracking is one area that has seen tons of growth in the past few years. Even though the technology itself has been around for a while, recent advancements have significantly increased the capability of GPS tracking. Today's best transport logistics management software incorporates live location tracking for trucks you own and trucks you hire into its functionalities, using GPS data to keep contractors in the loop about where all their trucks are at all times. 

Key Benefits of GPS Tracking for Contractors

Programs like TRUX use GPS to give contractors the power to keep tabs on both their own haulers and those hired from third-parties. It does this without requiring the installation of any equipment in the truck. This is far simpler than many other logistics management solutions, which require individual GPS trackers to be installed in every vehicle. The logistics of moving around hardware and collecting hardware can turn a net positive, into a net loss. 

Not to mention, there can be steep start-up costs, preventing many contractors from being able to make the initial investment both financially and logistically. The need for installed trackers also make it difficult to work with third-party truckers, potentially creating even more cost burden for contractors.

Having access to live GPS data doesn't just allow contractors better oversight, it also helps them achieve lower costs. Live location monitoring keeps all project truckers on time, and therefore, on budget. And since routes can be tracked, contractors can spot when there's a more efficient option available. 

TRUX Helps Contractors Control Dump Truck Costs

 Without GPS tracking, staying aware of truck locations requires contractors and truckers to make constant check-ins by phone. But even if teams keep in touch regularly, there are often still gaps in knowledge. Foremen can struggle to plan a day's work when they aren't aware of a truck's precise location. 

With GPS tracking, these problems disappear. Projects can be streamlined with minimal delays, and trucks can arrive more efficiently. From the contractors to the truckers, less time is required from every member of the construction team, which translates into greater productivity and more profit. 

Using GPS-backed transport logistics management software gives contractors a chance to enhance convenience and stay on budget. It's one of the best solutions available for contractors who are consistently experiencing difficulties with planning around deliveries and keeping dump truck costs low.