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TRUX Brings Dump Truck Logistics Platform to Phoenix

TRUX Brings Dump Truck Logistics Platform to Phoenix’s Booming Construction Market Contractors, dump truck drivers and material producers run their businesses more efficiently with the cloud-based TRUX platform Waltham, Mass., January 30, 2019 - TRUX™, the first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics platform, announced today it is available in Metro Phoenix, marking the third launch in a major metropolitan area in the last few months. TRUX launched in Greater Los Angeles in early January and is planning a national [...]

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The TRUX Now Mobile App

The TRUX Now app (formerly TruckTap) is exclusively for providers of construction trucking services. You must have access to, and be authorized and licensed to drive construction grade trucks in order to use the app. The TRUX Now app allows you to start receiving and accepting truck requests from nearby construction companies. How It Works: 1) Check the Available Jobs tab to find jobs that fit your schedule 2) Review the Job Details, and click 'Accept Job' to add it [...]

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TruckTap is now TRUX

We want to share some exciting news with our users, as of today we’re proud to announce our re-branding: TruckTap is now TRUX! Our mobile app and website are also changing names to TRUX Now. You might be wondering, what does this mean for me? The short answer is it will have no impact the way you currently use the product. Our change from TruckTap to TRUX is part of our brand standardization as we get ready to grow nationally. [...]

October 17th, 2018|Categories: News|2 Comments

The Most Valuable Construction Material of All? Data.

In recent years, entire industries have been revolutionized by digital disruption – whether it’s Airbnb in hospitality, Uber and Lyft in ride-sharing, or SPOT in parking. What do all of these innovative services have in common? They are all built on collecting, analyzing, and employing data to sell unused capacity. You may well ask: why hasn’t that happened in the construction industry, a business with untold amounts of unused capacity and inefficiencies? If you’ve seen empty dump trucks deadheading, trucks [...]

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